Madden 24: All Legends players in Ultimate Team revealed

Madden 24:

Madden 24:

Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in Madden 24. There, players build their squads and compete against other Madden players. Having great cards in their team gives players better chances of winning, and even qualifying for MUT tournaments.

In Madden 24 Ultimate Team, the Legends cards are among the best in the game. That is especially true at the start of the game when there are only a few card programs out.

EA Sports has revealed today all the Madden 24 Legends players that are coming to the game. At least for now, since more will probably be added in the future.

So, let's find out all the Legends cards in Madden 24 Ultimate Team.

Legends program

As mentioned above, MUT Legends cards are among the best cards you can get. They all possess incredible attributes and perks.

These cards are also the best in their position at this point in the game. That's because, as of right now, we only have base cards and Headliners cards. Despite some Headliners players having high OVR and good attributes, most are still far from being as good as Legends players.

Madden 24 Legends card Ed Reed
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Ed Reed is one of the most popular cards in the MUT community.

However, it's worth noting that these cards are extremely expensive. This doesn't come as a surprise, since they are the best cards in the game as of right now. So, if you want to acquire them, get ready to spend a lot of coins.

It's also worth noting that, Legends cards no longer possess chemistry with all the teams. This is a huge change, but one that most players are happy about. Despite this massive change, they are still worth every single coin, as they have spectacular attributes, and will help you massively upgrade your squad.

At this point in the game, Legends cards are incredibly strong and will help you secure a lot of wins.

All Legends cards in MUT

Legends cards will arrive at Ultimate Team on 19 August.

There are a total of 10 Legends cards, eight Elite Legends and two LTD.

All of them are unique and have great attributes. Every Legends player has four different versions, starting at 81 OVR and ending at 87 OVR.

Madden 24 Legends player Fred Taylor
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Fred Taylor's speed, acceleration and agility attributes are spectacular!

We also have Legends Pass, which has a total of six levels and offers many great rewards.

Here are all the Legends cards in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Legends Champions

  • Fred Taylor - HB - (87 OVR)
  • Dan Dierdorf - RT - (87 OVR)
  • Devin Hester - WR - (87 OVR)
  • Ed Reed - FS - (87 OVR)
  • Jevon Kearse - LE - (87 OVR)
  • Junior Seau - MLB - (87 OVR)
  • Richard Sherman - CB - (87 OVR)
  • Franco Harris - FB - (87 OVR)

LTD Legends

  • Warren Sapp - DT - (87 OVR)
  • Chad Johnson - WR - (87 OVR)
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