Madden 21: Things to do with the Free Trial - Dates, Next-Gen & more

EA Sports are running a long weekend of fun on Madden 21 with a free trial that means anyone can download and experience the game.

Whether you are completely new to Madden or you played previous versions, you might be interested in what Madden 21 has to offer.

Release Date

Madden 21 will be available in a free trial between January 28th and January 31st on all (modern) gaming platforms.

Get ready for a long weekend of NFL fun a week before the Super Bowl.

Things To Try

If you haven't played Madden 21, these are the headlines of what's in the game you might want to try out;

Next-Gen vs Current-Gen

Madden 21 has recently been split between the console generations with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In some ways, they are different games.

The next-gen gameplay is a little smoother - you can really notice the difference in how the players move and run routes.

NEXT GEN: The menus are a little different to standard gen
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NEXT GEN: The menus are a little different to standard gen

Also, the play selection screens can be different. You can select plays based on a star player.

Finally, there are some differences in experience for replays and in-game presentation. Next-gen players will get Next-gen stats and additional cut scenes between plays.

The difference isn't huge, but it is noticeable. So don't be downbeat if you have seen things elsewhere that aren't on your version if you are on an older console.


There are two main elements of new gameplay for Madden 21.

Pass Rush - CPU pass rush has been dialed down a lot since Madden 20 and now there is more focus on you doing it.

There's a new pass rush meter that builds up through snaps that can then be turned into pass rush moves, which takes away from the meter.

You need to have good timing and choose your battles wisely.

Ball Carrier - On the other side, rushing has been made more important and there is more focus on the timing of ball carrier skills.

Using the RS, you need to dodge, juke, and stiff arm your way through the defense.

A lot of the buttons are the same - but for a refresher here is the complete Madden 21 controls guide.

Franchise Mode

A long weekend might mean that Franchise mode isn't the main focus of your attention.

Franchise mode has been criticized in this Madden for not taking Madden 20 far enough forward.

It's worth noting that there have been a lot of developments through the year and you would be getting the best version of franchise mode that's been available in Madden 21.

Here's our guide to building the best team possible.

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)

One of the most popular modes in Madden, if you are looking for fun this weekend then this might be it.

You build your team through the use of cards that you can unlock from challenges or buy.

Here are our beginners guide if you are new.

It can be unforgiving at times, some repetitive plays and people who are really really good.

But it can also be good fun, and see some amazing players on the same team that would never happen in real life!

The Yard

A new mode that has a decent fan base but hasn't taken off as much as the main modes.

The Yard has different rules to the NFL and aimed at making quick and fun games. You start by selecting a handful of players that make up your small team and then get given an arena with specific rules.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Kelce in shorts and patterned top dancing? Yep
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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Kelce in shorts and patterned top dancing? Yep

There's lots of customization and a great arcade experience for those looking for something a little less serious.

Here's our guide to The Yard.

Face of the Franchise

Face of the Franchise was popular in Madden 20, so no surprise it was brought back and extended.

You start as a high school player and have the choices to make about the path through college and even what position.

You meet famous faces along the way and the idea is to make a story out of the game.

Ultimately, you go on to become an NFL player and you can continue in the franchise that drafts you.

Google Stadia

It is worth noting that Madden 21 is coming to Google Stadia.

The disruptive gaming platform allows players to enjoy their favorite games but without the need for a powerful console or PC.

As a streaming service, you can play using their controller but almost any screen (TV or phone) as long as you have an internet connection.

Madden 21 has joined its catalog and with this trial - you can try before you buy.

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