Kyle Juszczyk revealed as the best Fullback in Madden 24

Kyle Juszczyk
Credit: Yahoo Sports

Kyle Juszczyk
Credit: Yahoo Sports

Madden 24 hype continues to grow, with fans more eager than ever to play the game. A lot of new information about Madden 24 has also been released recently, including some player ratings.

This includes the ratings of the best WRs, Safeties, Defensive Linemen, Offensive Linemen, RB, Edge Rushers, Tight Ends, and Cornerbacks.

The Fullback ratings have also been revealed. Kyle Juszczyk sits comfortably in first place, but what players make up the rest of the list?

Let's find that out below.

Kyle Juszczyk (87 OVR)

Kyle Juszczyk had a great 2022 season, with 19 receptions, 200 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. He has a decent speed and acceleration. But most important, Juszczyk's toughness, trucking, and carrying attributes are incredible.

Kyle Juszczyk
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He is the perfect player if you need to just win a couple of yards. Juszczyk is strong, agile, good at dodging tackles, and can run over opponents.

Patrick Ricard (81 OVR)

In the second place, we have Patrick Ricard from the Ravens, with an 81 OVR. The attribute difference between Juszczyk and Ricard is huge.

Ricard is very strong, a good tackler, and a decent blocker. However, is not a great ball carrier and his trucking attribute is also low.

Alec Ingold (77 OVR)

Alec Ingold has a 77 OVR in Madden 24. The Dolphins' fullback is a very well-rounded player. He might not truly excel in any specific area but is decent in all of them.

So, if you want a fullback with decent speed, acceleration, carrying, trucking, strength, and agility, Ingold is the perfect player for you.

Reggie Gilliam (76 OVR)

Reggie Gilliam of the Buffalo Bills secured the fourth place in this list, with a 76 OVR. What separates Gilliam from the rest of the fullbacks is his athleticism and speed. This can help him gain valuable yards. If he gets a clear path, he can take it alL the way into the end zone.

C.J. Ham (75 OVR)

C.J. Ham comes into Madden 24 with a 75 OVR. Similar to Ingold, the Minnesota Vikings fullback is a well-rounded player, that is incredibly athletic.

C.J. Ham fullback
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Credit: MIX 108

Ham also has some good carrying attributes, such as his trucking and stiff arm.

Khari Blasingame (72 OVR)

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In sixth place, we have Khari Blasingame from the Bears with a 72 OVR. Blasingame is an extremely fast player in Madden 24. The Bears' fullback is also agile, a decent ball carrier, and has good field awareness.

His stiff arm attribute is quite low, but he makes up for it, with a good trucking rating.

Michael Burton (71 OVR)

Michael Burton might just have a 71 OVR, but his attributes are surprisingly good. The Denver Broncos fullback has decent speed and acceleration, is quite agile, strong, and has a really good trucking attribute rating.

Burton is a great player if you want a fullback that can do a little bit of everything at a good level. He can win you some crucial yards, and also help block defenders.

Andrew Beck (70 OVR)

Andrew Beck occupies the eighth spot in this list, with a 70 OVR. In Madden 24, Beck is an astonishingly fast player, with great speed and even better acceleration.

Andrew Beck Fullback
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Credit: Sports Illustrated

However, Beck blocking and ball-carrying attributes are somewhat underwhelming. This is when compared to the majority of players above him on the list.

Jakob Johnson (68 OVR)

With a 68 OVR, Jakob Johnson is the ninth-best fullback in Madden 24. Johnson is not very fast but is quite strong and a good ball carrier. He also possesses a decent blocking ability.

Ben Mason (67 OVR)

In tenth place, we have Ravens player Ben Mason with a 67 OVR. Mason is significantly faster than Johnson and is also more agile and athletic. He has a decent ball-carrying ability, and his high trucking attribute allows him to easily run over defenders.

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