How to QB Slide in Madden 24

Although you can use any ball carrier to make a slide, this move is closely related to quarterbacks. Learning how to QB slide in Madden 24 is important because you don’t want to lose the ball in contact with opponents’ defenders.

When a quarterback becomes a runner after he passes the scrimmage line, the defenders will try to tackle him and force a turnover. You can break tackles by performing a stiff arm, juke, or a dive, but quarterbacks often turn to a slide.

This comes pretty handy when you play with a quarterback who loves to run the ball, such as Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields, or Jalen Hurts. Here is how to make a slide with your QB.

How to QB slide in Madden 24

The benefit of sliding is to keep your quarterback safe from the defence. They are the most vulnerable with the ball in their hands going forward, so you don’t want to risk any injuries. Also, with a slide, you can prevent losing the ball. Most quarterbacks have a high pass stat and a low carry rating. But some of the best quarterbacks in Madden 24 are known to be excellent ball carriers.

This is how to QB slide in Madden 24
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QB slide in Madden 24

If you want to perform a QB slide in Madden 24, you can do it with a double-tap of the dive button while sprinting. On Xbox Series, this is the X button. On PlayStation, it is the Square button. On PC, this is the Q key.

Be sure to double-tab the corresponding button because a single tap will result in a dive. You may lose valuable yards, which is also why the timing of a slide is essential. Make your QB slide, but don’t do it very early. If you are too close to the defender, the QB slide cannot be activated.

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