How to Level Up Fast and Gain XP in Madden 24

Football fans can enjoy the latest NFL video game when Madden 24 officially launches on 18 August. The newest edition of EA Sports title comes with plenty of new features in both the Franchise and Superstar modes. There are numerous ways to gain XP in Madden 24. In this guide, we’ll explain the best ones.

At the very start, gaining XP is pretty fast, and you will become more experienced as the game progresses.

Below we selected the three fastest ways to level up fast and gain XP in Madden 24.

How to gain XP in Madden 24

You can gain XP in Madden 24 by playing Franchise Mode, Superstar Mode, and the Madden Ultimate Team, among others. Here is the fastest way to do so:

  • Complete Daily Objectives
  • Grind for Stats rewards
  • Complete missions in the Programs tab
This is how to gain XP in Madden 24
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Complete objectives to gain XP in Madden 24

These are three effective ways to earn XP and level up quickly. Consistently completing daily challenges will earn you even more rewards, especially if you do them for multiple days. While upgrading your Stats may be slower, it's still valuable to keep an eye on them. As the season progresses, new methods may emerge that are faster. It's always worth exploring all the options EA provides, as they may offer a more enjoyable or efficient way to level up.

Keep in mind that every situation can help gain XP in Madden 24. A field goal block, tackle, or a successful reception will surely help. In no time, you will climb up the experience ladder and become a tough opponent to anyone who dares to challenge you. Inviting friends in Madden 24 will also boost your XP.

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