How to Break Tackles in Madden 24

After learning how to tackle in Madden 24, it’s time to look from the offensive perspective. When your ball carrier advances on the field, the defenders will be all over him. They will try to level him to the ground or force a fumble, so it’s crucial to know how to break tackles in Madden 24.

A well-broken tackle can discourage your defender, and sometimes you’ll go with a dive or a juke to avoid your opponent. You don’t want to lose the ball, especially if you are close to the end zone.

There are several ways to break tackles and lose even the best cornerbacks in Madden 24.

How to break tackles in Madden 24

When a defender comes from behind, trying to tackle your legs, you can sprint at the very last second. He will end up empty-handed, and you will make him eat your dust. This move is not recommended when the defender is coming at you frontally. Sometimes, it can lead to a fumble.

In situations when you feel like your guardian prepares a strong tackle, you can use a spin move. Avoid doing this in zone coverage, though, because there will be a lot of defenders around, and the risk of losing the ball is higher.

This is how to break tackles in Madden 24
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Break a tackle in Madden 24

Selecting the fastest running backs in Madden 24 is vital if you want to break tackles. A stiff arm is one of the best ways to do it. However, while performing this move, a fumble may occur, so it’s important to press R1 or RB button on your controller in order to prevent it. You’ll protect the ball, although it will slow down your runner.

Your ball carrier must have a good break tackle rating. So, it’s not only about your reflexes and skills with a controller.

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