Fred Warner revealed as the best Linebacker in Madden 24

Fred Warner Linebacker
Credit: Deseret News

Fred Warner Linebacker
Credit: Deseret News

Madden 24 hype continues to grow, with fans more eager than ever to play the game. A lot of new information about Madden 24 has also been released recently, including some player ratings.

This includes the ratings of the best WRs, Safeties, Defensive Linemen, Offensive Linemen, RB, Edge Rushers, Tight Ends, and Cornerbacks.

The Linebacker ratings have also been revealed. Fred Warner secured first place, but what players make up the rest of the list?

Let's find that out below.

Fred Warner (97 OVR)

Fred Warner is coming off a spectacular 2022 season, where he showed why he is the best linebacker in the NFL. He is a defensive juggernaut that every team would love to have.

Fred Warner Madden 24
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Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

It's very hard to have an effective running game when you are facing Warner, He is extremely fast, a great tackler, and his play recognition is tremendous. Warner will quickly close any gap that opens in your defense, lockdown superstar RBs, and will also intercept plenty of passes.

Roquan Smith (92 OVR)

Roquan Smith had a career year in 2022, with 4.5 sacks and 103 tackles. This helped him to be selected for the Pro Bowl and the first-team All-Pro.

Smith is very fast, incredibly agile, and has great awareness. His ability to tackle opponents is spectacular, has a very strong hit power, and good play recognition.

Lavonte David (91 OVR)

Lavonte David is a very experienced player, that has been in the NFL for over 10 years. In 2022, he had 3 sacks and 80 tackles, which helped him get 91 OVR in Madden 24.

Just like Smith, David is also very quick, agile, athletic, and quite strong. David's play recognition and tackle attributes are extremely high, and he also possesses decent catching.

Demario Davis (90 OVR)

Demario Davis is the only 90 OVR linebacker in Madden 24. The New Orleans Saints linebacker had a good season in 2022, with 6.5 sacks and 54 tackles.

In Madden 24, Davis's defensive attributes are great. He has a high rating in the hit power, tackle, and play recognition attributes. Davis is not as fast as Warner or Smith, but he still has good speed and acceleration. He is also quite athletic.

Bobby Wagner (89 OVR)

Bobby Wagner is yet another very experienced player that enters this list. The Seattle Seahawks linebacker had a good 2022 season, proving he only gets better with age.

Bobby Wagner Linebacker
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Credit: Oregon Live

In Madden 24, Wagner has an 89 OVR and excels in the tackling department. He also has a decent speed and good acceleration, along with great stamina and jumping. Wagner's play recognition is also good.

Matt Milano (88 OVR)

Matt Milano saw a massive increase in his productivity in the 2022 season. The Buffalo Bills linebacker had a great season, with 1.5 sack and 72 tackles.

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Milano is a very fast and athletic player in Madden 24. His tackle and play recognition abilities are good, and he also has decent hit power. Milano lacks in the agility and awareness department.

Nick Bolton (87 OVR)

Nick Bolton had a career year in 2022, with 2 sacks and 108 tackles. His productivity went up significantly compared to his rookie year, and we can expect Bolton to continue to improve.

In Madden 24, Bolton has an 86 OVR, which seems fair. He is quite fast, with good speed and acceleration attributes. However, his physical attributes leave something to be desired. Bolton's agility, strength, jumping, and even awareness, are quite low when compared to the other linebackers on this list.

Tremaine Edmunds (87 OVR)

Tremaine Edmunds is coming off a decent 2022 season, where he had 1 sack and 66 tackles. He is a good all-around player, that can close gaps that open in your defense, and stop or at least slow down the best RBs in Madden 24.

Edmund's speed, acceleration, agility, awareness and tackle attributes are all good. His play recognition is decent, just like his strength and zone coverage.

Dre Greenlaw (86 OVR)

Dre Greenlaw is the ninth-best linebacker in Madden 24, with an 86 OVR. He is fast, with good speed and great acceleration attributes. The San Francisco 49ers player is also very athletic, which helps him stop even the strongest RBs in Madden 24.

Dre Greenlaw Linebacker
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Credit: Niner Noise

However, Greenlaw's defensive stats are not incredible. His block-shedding attribute is quite low. The same can be said about his man and zone coverage. Despite that, Greenlaw's play recognition and tackle attributes are superb.

Shaquille Leonard (86 OVR)

Last but not least, we have Shaquille Leonard. He is a well-balanced player, that excels in the speed, and tackling departments. Leonard's play recognition is also quite high, but his blocking ability is not that great.

An 86 OVR for Leonard in Madden 24 seems fitting.

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