Madden 24: Franchise crossplay is coming soon!

Madden 24 gameplay

Madden 24 gameplay

Rejoice Madden 24 fans, because crossplay is finally coming to Franchise mode. This is something the Franchise community has been asking for years, and it's now closer than ever.

With Franchise having a crossplay feature a lot of new possibilities will open for the mode. It will become much more entertaining, and immersive, and will captivate a plethora of new players.

So, let's find out when crossplay is coming to the Franchise mode in Madden 24.

Franchise crossplay is almost here!

The Madden team has announced that the crossplay feature has officially entered the closed beta stage. Players who have access to this closed beta can enter the Franchise mode, and start testing out the crossplay feature.

Madden asks players to report any bug or error they find while testing out the feature. This can be done by scanning a QR code that shows up when users enter the mode.

Madden 24 Franchise Crossplay Beta
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It's incredibly helpful for the developing team that users provide feedback, as it can help them resolve any errors that are affecting the game. This also accelerates the process of an official release for the feature.

Franchise crossplay platforms

The Franchise crossplay feature will be available on all the platforms. This means that PS5, Xbox, and PC users will be able to compete against each other. It's still not confirmed if the old-gen consoles will also have access to the feature, but we expect them to have.

With crossplay, users can now create Franchise leagues and compete against players from different platforms. This makes the mode much more exciting, and will certainly captivate a lot of new players.

Madden 24 Franchise crossplay
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However, we still have to wait some time until the feature is officially released, and most players can actually test it out. Hopefully, the beta testing goes smoothly and Madden developers won't find any huge errors that can delay the release of the feature.

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