When does League of Legends Patch 13.2 release?

Goth Annie League of Legends

Goth Annie League of Legends

League of Legends Season 13 launched with the release of the year's first patch, LoL 13.1, bringing tons of new and exciting changes to the popular MOBA. Not looking to slow down, the developers over at Riot Games are keeping the ball rolling with the game's next update, LoL 13.2.

Already in this upcoming patch, players can expect tons of new changes. These include the highly-anticipated Ahri Art & Sustainability Update (ASU), buffs for Annie, tons of ADC buffs and changes, and more.

That being said, when can players expect League of Legends patch 13.2 to release? Here's what you need to know.

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When does League of Legends Patch 13.2 release?

Riot Games aren't mincing any words with their updates as, even though LoL 13.1 just released, League players can already expect another patch—and it's a big one.

Following the official LoL Season 13 patch schedule, League of Legends patch 13.2 is set to release on Wednesday, January 25, 2022. Once this update drops, players can expect tons of new changes and additions.

KDA Ahri League of Legends
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HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED: Ahri's ASU finally arrives in LoL 13.2

As mentioned earlier, in this patch, players can expect Ahri's ASU which will have the Nine-Tailed Fox see some minimal balance tweaks but the meat and bones of it will come to how Ahri looks and feels. Additionally, the mid-lane champion will see her ability icons, visuals, and sound effects updated, a brand-new voice-over, and new lore.

Unexpectedly, in this patch, Annie will also be getting a look in the form of buffs. These buffs are set to increase both the champion's play and win rate, buffing up her numbers on passive, E, and R.

Lastly, as always, players can expect balancing and tuning for champions, systems, and items. So far, there will be a whopping 16 champions affected by this, with a large number of them being ADCs receiving buffs as a follow-up to Season 13's release.

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