Vitality to bring in star ADC for Spring 2023 Roster, and it's not who you'd expect

Vitality potential ADCs

Vitality potential ADCs

Vitality had quite the start to the LEC in 2023, taking down almost every other squad and finishing the first round robin in 1st place. Despite the all-star roster, this surprised many people, as it would not have been the first time the team fell short of expectations.

In the best-of-threes however, their demons seemed to catch up to them, and the magic of weeks prior disappeared in a flash. Changes to the roster were not unexpected, but no one was sure in which direction they would proceed.

Here's everything you need to know about the changes coming to Vitality, and what to expect from the roster next split.

Upset will replace Neon for LEC Spring 2023

There has been quite a number of changes to the Vitality roster over the last few years, with more than one superteam formed and disbanded. While this latest move is only a small change, it does raise some questions about how the team will move forward.

Vitality Neon
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After a strong regular season, the winter split squad fell short in playoffs, but showed some signs of impressive team and individual play. If roster changes now become a more regular thing, however, it could hurt the team dynamics.

Most would argue Upset is an upgrade over Neon, so he will be quite the asset to the squad in spring.

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Vitality may need a new identity

The key issue this transfer poses is the difference in playstyle from Neon to Upset. Neon can certainly carry games when needed, but his strength is being able to ride out a bad matchup, to give his topside a leg up in draft.

Vitality Upset
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Upset on the other hand is known for his 1v9 performances. Almost single-handedly dragging Fnatic to playoffs in summer 2022, he excels when given resources.

Vitality will have to decide amongst themselves how they approach games in spring. Will they play for Photon, the rookie top laner who has pulled them over the line in more than one tight spot? Or Perkz, who excels on late-game carries?

Do they play for Bo, the mad dog of the LPL and one of the best junglers ever imported? Or, now, do they play for Upset, one of the best ADCs Europe has ever produced? Only time will tell.

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