T1 Demolish Cloud 9 in Faker's Historic 100th Worlds Game

T1 Worlds 2022

T1 Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 is here, and the main event just wouldn't be the same without T1 and Faker. They have swept through the Group Stage at Worlds many times before, and now they're looking to do so again.

Cloud 9 now face a tough fight if they hope to make quarters, as even with 3 wins, top 2 is not guaranteed. Let's take a look at the game that gave Faker one of the most impressive accolades in League of Legends Worlds History.

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Faker: 100 Games at Worlds

With a record of 72 wins, and 28 losses, Faker becomes the first player in Worlds History to reach 100 games. He has logged 347 total kills, on 30 unique Champions, and made a mark like no other on the sport.

Faker Worlds 2022
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This game was no exception. Back on the Lissandra, a pick which can set up for his team perfectly, Faker was a menace in fights, making the game unplayable for C9's back line carries of Berzerker and Jensen.

As if that wasn't enough though, T1 broke another record this game. The game was all but over, but T1 still felled the baron before 21 minutes, being the fastest at Worlds 2022 so far.

Is Gumayusi Back?

Summer has been rough for Guma, there's no denying it. When Jinx and Aphelios fell out of the meta after spring, so did he. At Worlds 2022 though, he's had some standout performances.

Gumayusi Worlds 2022
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Although this game was undeniably a stomp, he finished 11/0/4 on Kai'sa, his Quadra Kill early on opening up the game. When Gumayusi is on form T1 are a different beast, and in such a close group he will have to be.

Fnatic, T1, and EDG now all sit on a 2-1 scoreline going into weekend two of Groups. Few expected Fnatic to be able to contest as well as they have, and now there is no doubt that whoever advances will make a serious impact in Quarter Finals at Worlds 2022.

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