Riot Announces Mid-Scope Update for Sivir

Sivir gained fame a few patches ago with her crit build. One Q would see an enemy bot lane unable to stay in lane, perfect for pushing or engaging in fights. The League of Legends champion was one of the best and Riot is trying to bring her back.

Five minutes of fame is something that holds true here. After a burst in popularity, she has fallen back and is now second to least favourite in the ADC list. This is also due to the hype surrounding hyper-carry ADCs such as Tristana or Twitch.

With only a 2.8% win rate, Riot has noticed the lack she has been played. Her kit hasn't changed much since her release in 2009 but this is now changing. After big updates for Olaf, Swan, and Taliyah, Sivir will be getting a hefty update.

What are the changes?

The changes have not yet been outlined by Riot. But a Reddit post by RiotRayYongii stated that "Excited to work on Sivir! Pretty passionate about this project, I can answer some questions here in this thread if you have them.".

He also said, "So in this case, allowing Sivir to maintain some utility but not be her primary output is hopefully the key to providing a more resonant experience.".

Sivir's Q Ability
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Some changes have been ruled out. For example, her shield will remain essentially unchanged. Her 500 attack range will also stay the same as this has been a key point of her champions skillset. Riot has stated that they want to "improve but not replace each of her spells to keep her familiar but more functional"

The focus on familiarity means that her crit build will reach the former glory that it once had in the Rift. Although, maybe not so overpowering please Riot?

Release date?

The release date for her update has not been announced yet. But fans are hoping for it to come out in patch 12. Riot will keep us updated as the plans become more concrete and until then? nothing to do, but wait.

Sivir skin in LoL
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