Who is the Mystery Champion in League of Legends Missions?

Mystery champion mission screen in League of Legends

Mystery champion mission screen in League of Legends

League of Legends has recently released a set of new missions for players to complete, which references a mystery champion.

Following on from the 2023 cinematic release for the year, there has been much tension within the community.

Compared to previous years, this cinematic lacked anything worth talking about and the community noticed.

Discussions from the community lead to an official statement from Riot Games explaining why this was the case.

However, the new set of missions has caused discussion in another way with a hidden cryptic mystery champion.

So, let's look at who the mystery champion is in League of Legends and how to complete the mission involving them.

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Who is the Mystery Champion in League of Legends Missions?

The mystery champion for this mission on January 12 2023 is Yasuo, the Unforgiven.

There are a few hints as to how a player could work this out.

Firstly, the title of the mission is "Yet I Do Not Fear The Darkness" which is a quote from the champion in the game.

However, the mission is still a little bit vague with its requirements.

It does not mention that you can also compete in a team with another Yasuo player to complete the mission.

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How to Complete the Mystery Mission

Completing this mission in game is fairly simple and can be done quickly.

All players have to do is play a game as Yasuo, or compete in a team which has a Yasuo in it.

Yasuo from League of Legends
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There don't seem to be any requirements about what game mode can be played to complete this.

As a series of missions set to run through the week, yesterday's answer was Xerath.

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