LEC Top 5 Best ADCs in Winter Split 2023

LEC Rekkles

LEC Rekkles

The LEC is almost back for another year, and its first-ever winter split. New teams have formed, and they'll compete in a totally revamped format. With an expansion too, the league is stronger than ever, so if you're yet to tune in now is definitely the time.

ADCs aren't in the best spot in Solo Queue right now, but in pro play, they are as crucial as ever to bring the damage in the late game. Here are our picks for the best that Europe has to offer this year, and who to keep your eye on.

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Honourable Mention - Team Heretics Jackspektra

LEC TH Jackspektra
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Jackspektra is the only player to transfer from Heretics' LVP team, and is a very solid ADC around which to build a team. After bouncing around a few ERL teams over the last couple of years, he definitely deserves a shot at the LEC.

The main drawback is his inexperience, which can impact performance at the highest level of play. He is not the only ADC to be in this position though and is arguably the most skilled of the ones newly promoted from regional leagues.

5 - XL Patrik

LEC Xl Patrik
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Patrik is a player that probably deserves a higher spot on this list, but there is fierce competition in the role this split. He is the only remaining member of 2022 XL. with a newly rebuilt roster with him at the centre.

Despite some quiet games last year, he had some incredible performances in summer, almost single-handedly taking Fnatic to 5 games in playoffs, and nearly eliminating them. Patrik is undoubtedly one of the best LEC ADCs when it comes to hypercarry late-game performances.

4 - VIT Neon

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Certainly one of the most underrated AD carries in the league, Neon comes from the disbanded Misfits roster. Now joining a new Vitality team, he is paired with one of the most reliable supports too, in Kaiser.

Neon has the silent carry of Misfits for much of 2022, reliably stepping up when Vetheo couldn't and was responsible for many of their wins. If he can continue improving, the Vitality bot-lane will be one of the most formidable in the LEC this split.

3 - FNC Rekkles

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LEC FNC Rekkles
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The tear is fully stacked, and he's come crawling back. It seems Rekkles wasn't lying when he said in 2022 that leaving Fnatic was a huge mistake. He now joins the very successful top side, along with Academy support Rhuckz, who subbed in for Hyli at Worlds.

Rekkles has had a couple of fairly muted years, spending 2021 on a doomed G2 roster, and 2022 on Kcorp, with mixed success. He has still had some standout performances though, and his dominance in the Season Kickoff event shows that he is still a player to be feared.

2 - G2 Hans Sama

LEC G2 Hans Sama
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Hans Sama is the second of the world-renowned EU ADCs returning to the LEC for the 2023 split. After a tricky year on Team Liquid, he is now paired with Mikyx, his old partner from their Misfits days.

Hans was also a part of the very successful but titleless Rogue roster of 2021, and can play consistently but equally out down some serious carry performances. Paired with Mikyx, they will form one of the strongest bot-lanes the league has seen.

1 - KOI Comp

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After his performances in the LEC playoffs and at Worlds, there is no doubt Comp is the strongest ADC in the league right now. Also to his benefit is that Lucian is still meta, on whom he showed many of his best performances.

Still paired with Trymbi and Malrang, they will be looking to continue their reign of terror over bot-lane. Expect some more spicy picks, and for them to make it work as if it was meta all along.

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