LEC Week 3 Results and Standings - Vitality wins their first, Fnatic and XL collapse

LEC Fnatic

LEC Fnatic

The LEC has now reached the end of its first-ever winter regular season, with the third and final superweek wrapping up. The revamped format means that the top 8 teams will now advance to playoffs, competing in a double elimination best-of-threes tournament.

Week 3 had its share of fantastically entertaining games and some major disappointment for teams who have failed to qualify. Here's everything you need to know about what went down.

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LEC Final Standings

Here are the final standings from week 3, as we head to the next stage of the season:

LEC Final Standings
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The race for the top of the table was certainly, tight, with a lot being decided by Vitality's nail-biting victory over Excel to round off day 3. Mad Lions had a fantastic week, going 3-0 and taking down rivals G2, to secure second place and their pick of opponent for the next round.

LEC Photon
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Astralis picked up two crucial wins to secure their spot, while Fnatic and Excel failed to pick up any. This puts them out of the playoffs, which is a first for Fnatic in their long history in the LEC.

Surprises of the Week - Mad Lions, Vitality, and Fnatic

Mad Lions were by far the best-performing team of the week, with all members stepping up and delivering fantastic performances. MVP goes to Chasy on the Renekton, doing a ton of work, particularly in the all-important G2 match to close out the week.

LEC Mad Lions
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Vitality went the distance this round, with an agonising last-minute victory against BDS, followed by a true spectacle against Excel on Monday. That game almost hit the 55-minute mark, smashing global records for pro games this split.

Fnatic has looked a shambles this split, but coming into the final week only needed one win, to at least secure a tiebreaker for playoffs. In the end, though, they failed to do so, and it will be a surprise if the same squad and coaching staff return for spring, as serious changes are needed.

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