*UPDATED* LoL Yuumi - best ADCs to win lane with Yuumi

League of Legends Yuumi will soon get a rework which has been recently revealed by Riot Games.

The support champion has caused mayhem in the Rift due to the strength she has.

However, what is a support without their ADC? Nothing... unless you're a Lux.

As the bot lane in-game is a duo lane, Yuumi definitely relies on her ADC more than the average support.

Her w ability is what makes Yuumi tick and having a good ADC to match really is key to winning.

So, let's take a look at which ADCs work well with Yuumi in League of Legends.

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*UPDATED* Yuumi Abilities Leaked

There have been big developments for Yuumi's rework in League of Legends.

Leaks for her full kit and abilities have now been released.

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Ezreal and Yuumi in League of Legends

Ezreal from League of Legends
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High-mobility ADCs are perfect with Yuumi to get that poke out.

Ezreal's blink is perfect for re-positioning Yuumi's ultimate ability or even just hitting her Q.

With Ezreal's super scaling too, Yuumi works perfectly to keep him alive for longer fights.

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Vayne and Yuumi

Vayne from league of Legends
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Vayne and Yuumi has a much slower start than Ezreal and the magical cat.

As Vayne's damage comes much later, Yuumi has to work harder to keep her ADC alive.

Early game, this combo looks like lots of poke and survival rather than longer-winded fights.

If the Vayne scales successfully, there's no stopping her with a Yuumi by her side.

This is a force to be reckoned with.

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League of Legends Zeri

Zeri and Yuumi in League of Legends
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Another high-mobility ADC is Zeri and the combo with the magical cat is brilliant for the bot lane.

Zeri recently had some issues with her play rate. However, recent changes have made her much more viable.

Zeri's damage also helps with the early stages of the game and keeps te duo alive.


Twitch from League of Legends
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Twitch's invisibility ability really helps a Yuumi to pop her ult perfectly.

Going against enemy lanes which stand still when farming is perfect for this sneaky rodent and his cat.

Yuumi's speed boost on Twitch also makes him ridiculously speedy, also boosted by his invisibility too.

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