League of Legends Season 11: Shop error has an easy fix - Preseason, Suggested Items & more

League of Legends Season 11 is here, and with it comes a brand new shop layout and design.

Unfortunately some players don't see the new shop as it should be, and instead see a much smaller and nearly illegible version.

Thankfully there's a quick fix for this problem.

New Shop

The League of Legends shop's new look in Season 11 is great, but not for players with a unique new visual error.

League of Legends Update 10 23 Season 11 shop 1
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PRISTINE: The Season 11 shop looks amazing

The shop divides items into categories, and visually spruces up many areas like descriptions for item uses.

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So what's gone wrong for certain player's League of Legends files and item shops?

Shop Error

For many players, the new League of Legends Season 11 item shop this preseason looks a bit wonky. This is because of some aspect ratio issues that are happening for some players.

League of Legends Season 11 Item Shop 1
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NOT QUITE: For some League of Legends players, the new shop isn't looking too great

A Reddit user discovered a way to fix this problem, however.

This involves going to the game.cfg file in your League of Legends folder.

There, you will have to change the following values:

  • ItemShopResizeHeight=1080
  • ItemShopResizeWidth=1920
  • ItemShopPrevResizeWidth=1920
  • ItemShopPrevResizeHeight=1080
  • ItemShopStartPane=0

Season 11 Preseason

League of Legends Season 11 kicked off with Preseason, and its huge patch Update 10.23.

While the new shop is a huge part of the Preseason patch, it's deep with plenty other changes.

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This includes the addition of two new stats, Omni Vamp and Ability Haste, 8 rune changes, tons of item changes, champ balance changes, and more!

These changes went live on 11 November, so you'll experience them in-game the next time you queue.

You can read over the huge Update 10.23 patch notes here.

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