League of Legends PBE - How to download and requirements

League of Legends PBE splash art

League of Legends PBE splash art

League of Legends is now in its 13th Season, with tons of new items and changes arriving with the update. With a new competitive year now here too, there's no better time to drop into the rift and try your hand at some new champions.

The PBE is a great way to get access to early changes, skins, and champions. While it can seem a little daunting at first, we're here to help. Here's everything you need to know about how to download the PBE, and what's in store.

What requirements do I need to install the PBE?

LoL players must have an all-around 'good' account.

This means having no bans or chat restrictions which result from bans from other competitors.

The honour logo for League of Legends
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They must also be at least honour level three to even be able to access the separate client.

Yet another reward for being nicer to teammates.

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How do I download the PBE?

If someone would like to test the PBE, they must click this link which will take them directly to the PBE signup page.

After logging in, summoners will be asked to check their eligibility.

Acceptance screen when accepted to LoL PBE
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Once their eligibility is checked, the page will say that their Riot account is now linked to the PBE servers.

If your account does not meet the criteria then the page will deny you access.

As the PBE server is different from the League of Legends live game, a new client must be installed.

There is a link for the Windows client and also macOS.

When the installer has finished, click Install and it should appear on your desktop.

Click on the new software and log into your Riot account.

But don't be too hasty, the arrow beside play must be clicked to change to the PBE server.

Players will then be met by a tutorial that will explain the basics of the PBE.

However, this can be skipped by exiting using escape, as would be done during a normal League of Legends game.

Once these steps have been completed, you will have access to the PBE and will be able to test updates before release.

So, don't miss your opportunity to stay ahead of the pack.

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