Best LoL Streamers 2024

Lol Streamers

Lol Streamers

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, with a huge and dedicated fan base that grows bigger each year. So, it's no surprise to see that LoL has been among the most watched categories in multiple livestream platforms.

The game involves strategy and skill, and there are a lot of unique concepts players need to master. This makes it quite complex but also a fun game to watch, no matter if you are watching a professional game or a Caedrel gameplay stream, sorry I meant a ranked game.

If you want to learn more about the game or are looking for something entertaining to do in your free time, LoL streamers are a great option. They can provide you with a lot of knowledge about the game while entertaining you at the same time with their unique plays.

So here are the must-watch LoL streamers for right now and 2024!

5 - TheBausffs

TheBausffs is one of the most unique LoL streamers of all time. While Michelangelo was a master sculptor and Leonardo da Vinci was a genius engineer, TheBausffs is the brilliant mind behind the Sion proxy farm and the creator of the 'inting Sion' strategy.

Thebausffs Streamer League of Legends
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If you want to learn more about the top lane role, TheBausffs is the perfect streamer to watch. On his stream, you will learn about wave management, when and why to trade, how to play certain matchups and how to master Sion.

More than one of the most brilliant minds LoL has ever seen, TheBausffs is also very entertaining. His unique style of playing league and great personality make fans fall in love with him.

TheBausffs perfect mix of entertainment and skill makes him one of the best LoL streamers to watch. You will always learn something while watching his stream, and his enthusiastic and energetic personality will make sure you leave his stream with a huge smile on your face.

4 - LS

LS has been around the League of Legends scene for a while and is widely regarded as one of the smartest people in the scene. His takes on the meta, champions, itemization, and how the game should played, make him the perfect streamer to watch if you truly want to learn about LoL.

LS Streamer League of Legends
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His patch rundowns will help you understand which champions are strong, the items you should be prioritizing, and how all the changes affect the meta. Furthermore, LS is not only about theory, as he will often play the game and illustrate how his concepts work.

You can also find LS regularly co-streaming and analyzing professional games. LS co-streams leagues such as LPL and LCK, and is great at dissecting the game, especially player actions, in a way even new LoL players will understand.

LS's track record has a coach, and the fact he is recognized by some of the biggest LoL players of all time, makes him the perfect streamer to learn from. However, LS is also a very entertaining streamer, as he is constantly making jokes and his co-streams are always full of funny moments.

3 - Faker

The four-time world champion and greatest player of all time couldn't be left off this list. If you are looking to watch a master at his craft then there is no better stream than his. Faker is a mechanical good, and his understanding of the game is otherworldly.

Faker Streamer League of Legends
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From his reaction time to his wave management, and how he is always conscious of what is happening on the entire map, watching Faker streaming is a unique experience.

You don't need to speak Korean to connect with him, as his gameplay alone will leave you glued to your screen. Unfortunately, Faker doesn't stream as much as the other streamers in this list.

But that is normal as he is a pro player and has a very demanding routine. After all, you can't become the GOAT if you don't dedicate yourself to your craftsmanship.

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So, make sure to tune into Faker's stream whenever he is live, as you don't know when his next live stream will be.

2 - Tyler1

Tyler1, aka the genetic freak, is one of the biggest LoL streamers. He is known for his unique personality, being untiltable, and of course, reaching Challenger in all roles of the game. This is just one of the many Tyler1 achievements, in fact, there are so many we can't even list them all in this article.

Tyler1 Streamer League of Legends
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The North American streamer is a very mechanically gifted player, but he also has an in-depth understanding of macro, otherwise, he wouldn't have reached Challenger in all roles.

However, what separates Tyler1 from all the other LoL streamers, apart from his mechanical prowess, of course, is his unique personality. Tyler1 is incredibly energetic and funny, which provides viewers with plenty of great moments.

Tyler1 motivational speeches will get you ready for anything, even for a laning phase against Darius as Malphite. He is one of the most charismatic streamers in the world, his mechanically gifted and funny. So, what more reasons do you need to watch Tyler1 streams?

1 - Caedrel

An ex-pro player, who never made playoffs, and a caster, who is now a full-time streamer and Weibo supporter. Caedrel is the most entertaining LoL stream in the world, mostly thanks to his unique reactions, especially when it comes to TheShy plays.

Caedrel Streamer League of Legends
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However, Caedrel isn't only an entertaining streamer who can make you laugh for hours, he is also very knowledgeable about the game. His co-streams are arguably the best in the world right now. That's because they have the perfect mix of in-depth analyses and entertainment, with Caedrel also interacting a lot with his chat.

Caedrel is also a mechanically gifted player, and despite being retired from the pro scene, he can still hang with the best (sometimes). So, not only does he have some great co-streams he also provides viewers with high-level gameplay and plenty of exotic plays.

If you also want to be in the loop for all the latest roster changes, then Caedrel streams are the place to be. He has close ties in the pro scene and knows most of the influential LEC players.

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