League of Legends Best Streamers to Watch in 2023

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Lol Streamers

League of Legends has been one of the most watched categories in livestreams for some time now, and for good reason. The game is complex, varied, and amazing to watch whether you're watching the pros battle it out or just some wacky solo queue builds.

If you're finding the new season tricky to navigate, need someone to understand your frustrations, or are just looking for some lol-themed downtime, streamers are the way to go. Here are our picks for the best streams to tune in to get the best value for your time.

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10 - RossBoomsocks

Rossboomsocks Streamer League of Legends
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The ultimate for-fun streamer, and a great time to watch, is RossBoomsocks, a Scottish YouTuber. You might have seen his videos pop up on YouTube, and twitch is where all that content is pulled from, with the addition of bloopers, and a lot of failed build attempts.

If you're not just looking to grind ranked, and you want to try some wacky builds and ideas, this channel is a great place to start. You also might be surprised by how much you learn about the game in general.

9 - Doublelift

Doublelift Streamer League of Legends
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One of the longest-serving ADCs in North America, Doublelift made the transition to streaming a few years ago, and was an instant hit. He has now re-signed as an ADC to 100T in the LCS, but don't expect the streams to go anywhere.

Rather, now he is back in the fold as a player, the streams will only get more useful to players looking to improve, especially at ADC. Also expect a fair few insights into the NA pro scene, as with any current pro.

8 - TheBausffs

Thebausffs Streamer League of Legends
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TheBausffs is quite the enigma, as he has reached EUW challenger using an off-meta build and playstyle he created and mastered. Full AD Sion and Phase Rush Sion, the 'inting Sion' strategy, was never believed to work until he demonstrated it.

He is one of the best League of Legends streamers to learn top lane from, as his macro and mechanics are spectacular to watch. You'll also definitely leave with a smile on your face, which cannot be undersold.

7 - Jankos

Jankos Streamer League of Legends
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Jankos has just left G2 after 5 years, and is one of the best and longest-serving junglers the LEC has ever seen. He's the best player to watch to learn the role, and he makes it look easy even playing off-meta picks like Nautilus, which is a credit to his mastery.

He creates a great space to chill as a streamer, but definitely bring your notepad, as you'll learn more than any tutorial. His veterancy brings a game knowledge that is largely unmatched by any other stream.

6 - LS

LS Streamer League of Legends
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LS is one of the more controversial figures in the League of Legends scene, but unlike others, this serves to his credit. His takes on the game and the meta are unique, and more often than not are spot-on, from an angle that no one else sees.

He is one of the only coaches to also be a regular streamer and has worked with top teams around the World. This gives him expertise and understanding of the game at large that few can replicate while being just as entertaining.

5 - Yassuo

Yassuo Streamer League of Legends
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A former Yasuo one trick, Yassuo has now diversified his playstyle considerably but has retained the... edgy personality, that makes him great. His stream is advertised as not for kids, but for the sheer entertainment value, he is one of the best.

He is very easy to relate to for the average solo queue player, and brings a very grounded take on the game. As with any high elo streamer, you'll also likely learn a lot.

4 - Rekkles

Rekkles Streamer League of Legends
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Undoubtedly the greatest ADC Europe has ever seen, Rekkles is also a regular streamer, particularly in the offseason. After playing pro since League of Legends season 3, he is a font of knowledge regarding the ADC position, and a joy to watch.

Also being such an integral part of the pro scene, he has had some surprising insights about other popular personalities over the years. If you're looking for a stream with a little bit of everything, he is a great place to start.

3 - Faker

Faker Streamer League of Legends
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The list simply would not be complete without the GOAT himself, who has just the same gravitas as a streamer that he does on stage. You've probably seen highlights of his stream even if you've never tuned in, and it's quite something to watch.

Faker doesn't chill just because he's playing solo queue, and he is one of the best players to learn from in the World. Expect a fair few streams over the coming year as T1 look to set the record straight following their loss in Worlds Finals.


2 - Caedrel

Caedrel Streamer League of Legends
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An ex-pro player, now full-time caster and streamer, Caedrel has one of the broadest insights on the League of Legends scene. If you're looking for inside information on roster swaps, team dynamics, and much more, Marc Lamont is your man.

Now streaming more solo queue in the run-up to LEC 2023, his status as an ex-pro jungler also makes him a great person to learn from. you'll also definitely enjoy your stay, as his own personal brand of chaos is a joy to watch.

1 - Tyler1

Tyler1 Streamer League of Legends
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It's impossible not to put Tyler1 at the top of any streamer list, and there's very good reason for that, not just on reputation. He's achieved challenger in all roles, in most major regions, which is quite something but is at his best playing ADC.

He is certainly one of the most mechanically gifted players out there, which makes him great to learn from, especially for aspiring ADCs. When he's up, he creates a great chill stream environment, and when he's down he's one of the most relatable players to watch.

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