League of Legends Champions Queue: What is it, and Where to Watch

LOL champs Q

LOL champs Q

Worlds 2022 is well under way, and the best talent from around the World is set to compete for the ultimate prize. The Group Stage is next, which will decide the contenders for the coveted knockout stage, and ultimately the Summoner's Cup.

Where do the pros go when they aren't scrimming though? Well, they turn to Champions Queue. Here's everything you need to know about how to watch your favourite pros practice before the big game.

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What is Champions Queue?

Champions Queue is an exclusive matchmaking server in North America, reserved for only professional players. Designed to do away with the challenging aspects of Solo Queue, Champions Queue gives an experience closer to team scrims.

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Only in its first year, Worlds 2022 is the real test for the server, as pros from all across the World are arriving. Champions Queue also reduces the damage that over 100 pro players can have on NA Solo Queue.

If you're looking to see your favourite players compete in mixed teams before the Worlds Main Event, Champions Queue is the place to be.

Where to Watch Champions Queue

There are a bunch of different ways for you to tune in and catch your favourite players battling it out. The best is the Champions Queue Hub, which lists all the live games, as well as any players that are streaming.

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This can be tricky though, as all players will have different names in game, so a guide can be helpful. The best place to turn then is the co-streams that are live, where creators will give you a run down of everything that's going on.

These are great places to start if you're new to competitive, or just want a guide.

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