Halo Infinite mid-season update to release soon

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Halo: Infinite is set to receive a major mid-season update very soon according to developer 343 Industries. In a Waypoint forum post, they've gone into detail on some of the changes that they're looking at.

It's not clear yet why the changes are deemed too pressing but with Halo Infinite seasons being quite drawn out, it does make sense not to hold off until the next season begins.

Here's everything you need to know ahead of the Halo: Infinite mid-season update going live later this week.

Halo: Infinite mid-season update Release Date

While not confirmed, the mid-season update for Halo: Infinite is currently going through certification and 343 hopes it will release on Thursday, 24 February. We expect there to be a short period of downtime for the update to be implemented but when this would take place is hard to pin a time on.

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We'll be sure to keep you updated with the latest once the update is either confirmed or live.

What to expect in the mid-season update

343 actually gave a fair bit of detail surrounding the Halo: Infinite mid-season update in their forum post. Here is everything they highlighted in the post;

  • Networking - New telemetry will be added to aid the impact that online latency has on the overall gameplay experience.
  • First-Person Animations - Smoothing of specific first-person animations such as reloading and scrambling.
  • Campaign Improvements - Various updates that include ensuring achievements pop correctly and Quick Resume works better on Xbox Series S/X
  • Stability & Performance - Nothing specific noted but 343 have assured some fixes are on the way for issues that the community have reported.
  • BTB Motion Tracker - Motion tracking in Big Team Battle will be increased from 18M to 24M
  • Anti-Cheat Improvements - Once again, no specific changes were noted but a promise of updates and improvements that will be made in this update.
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