Is EA Sports PGA Tour crossplay?

Is EA Sports PGA Tour crossplay sawgrass

Is EA Sports PGA Tour crossplay sawgrass

You can now take to some of the most exquisite courses in the world on EA Sports PGA Tour through a variety of game modes, however, does the title have crossplay?

It has been a long wait for another EA golf game, with fans eager to have all their gaming needs catered for.

Find out if EA Sports PGA Tour supports crossplay and cross-platform progression below.

Is EA Sports PGA Tour Crossplay?

There are two questions in one regarding whether EA Sports PGA Tour is crossplay.

This is because it can refer to whether it will support the ability to play against other players on different platforms and also if cross-platform progression is available.

In answer to playing against others on different platforms, the answer is, unfortunately, no.

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LIMITED ACCESS - Cross-play is not yet compatible in EA Sports PGA Tour

As stated on the FAQ page of the EA Sports PGA Tour official website:

We are always trying to bring you the best golf game on the market with EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, which we know includes a variety of features like crossplay. At launch, crossplay will not be a feature that appears in-game, but we are constantly evaluating the possibility of this feature appearing post-launch.

So, although crossplay doesn't feature at the moment, the official word is that it could be added in the future, which would be great news for fans of the game!

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Is EA Sports PGA Tour Cross-platform?

Although EA Sports PGA Tour doesn't yet support crossplay, it does support cross-platform progression.

That means that saved data for your created golfer, including gear, outfits and achievements, can be accessed across PlayStation, Xbox and PC!


EA Sports PGA Tour is only available on next-gen/current-gen platforms.

A next-gen exclusive, it is highly doubtful that the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch in the future, with a statement in the FAQs reading:

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR’s high-fidelity visuals and gameplay are only possible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S consoles as well as some PCs, so the game was developed with this in mind.
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ON SHOW - EA Sports PGA Tour will be coming to all current-gen platforms

The game can run at 30 fps, 60 fps, or unlocked framerate on PC, however, on a console, it will only run at 30 fps.

A statement on the official website reads as follows:

We understand that some players have a strong visual preference for higher framerate in their video games and we’ve heard community feedback surrounding the fps of the game on console. As a result, we’re examining the ability to add it into the game in the future.

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EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour promises to deliver a realistic golfing experience that is both challenging and accessible to players of all skill levels.

The game features a range of new features and improvements over previous versions, including enhanced ball physics, shot types, more realistic course environments, and an all-new career mode.

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PURE STRIKE - You will be rewarded for great shots

Realism is always a key feature of any great sports title, and EA Sports PGA Tour should have that in abundance too!

EA's partnership with the PGA Tour to secure The Majors exclusively to the game is a huge selling point, so if you want to win golf's Grand Slam there really is only one place to do it.

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