EA Sports PGA Tour: Challenges NOT working

ea sports pga tour challenges not working

ea sports pga tour challenges not working

EA Sports PGA Tour is a highly anticipated golf game that has been in development for years and has finally been released!

Golf fans have been eagerly waiting for its arrival, however, it seems that there are some issues with the game's challenges, and they are not working as they should be.

Read on to find out about challenges not working in EA Sports PGA Tour.

EA Sports PGA Tour Challenges Not Working

Gamers have taken to Twitter, Reddit and the EA Sports Forum to report that EA Sports PGA Tour's challenges are not tracking progress. Players are completing challenges but not getting credit for them. This is frustrating for players who want to unlock rewards and advance in the game.

The problem has been reported on the EA Sports forum, where players have shared their experiences with challenges not registering upon completion. One player wrote, "I completed a challenge, but it didn't register. I tried again, and the same thing happened. I hope this issue gets fixed soon."

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TRAINING TIME - Challenges in the game can involve sinking puts, hitting fairways and getting to within a certain distance of the hole

The challenges in EA Sports PGA Tour are an essential part of the game. They provide players with a goal to work towards, provide progression rewards and help to keep the game interesting and engaging. If the challenges are not working correctly, it takes away from the overall experience of the game.

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New Patch to Blame?

A recent patch to the game was released on Tuesday, 11 April, with many reporting that the challenges weren't tracking after that. Thankfully, EA Sports is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Through their EA Sports PGA Tour Twitter account, the company announced to fans that they are looking to resolve the issue.

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On the same day that the patch was released, they also released this statement:

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We are also investigating the various issues that have been reported this morning regarding Challenges, Quests, and general game performance. We will keep you posted with more information once we have it.
UPDATE #1: 3:25 PM EST
As of now, we have sent out fixes for Tournament Leaderboards and Online Matchmaking. We are still working to address issues related to Challenges, Quests, and Menus. We will update here once we have more information and appreciate your patience.
UPDATE #2: 10:40 PM EST
The team has identified the primary cause of the issues on our server and has been working to deploy several fixes over the course of the evening. While we have seen an improvement to the menu navigation, there are still issues with Challenges and Quests tracking correctly. The team is still working on and will continue to prioritize this issue until it is fully resolved.

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Buggy Begining

It is unclear what is causing the challenges not to work in EA Sports PGA Tour, but it could be related to the game's online functionality. Many modern games rely on online servers to track progress and unlock rewards, and it could be that the servers are not functioning correctly.

Another possibility is that the challenges are not programmed correctly, and there is a bug in the game's code. Bugs are common in video games, and developers often release patches to fix them. It is possible that EA Sports will release a patch to fix the challenges in EA Sports PGA Tour.

While EA Sports is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, it is unclear when the problem will be resolved.

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