Chun Li is returning to Fortnite!

The Fortnite X Street Fighter alliance is alive and well after Cammy and Guile came to the island which was a nice surprise. We had already seen Chun Li and Ryu added for a limited time back in March 2021.

The return of the Street Fighter collaboration has sparked clear FOMO in the community though many are asking if they will get another shot at purchasing the Chun Li skin that they passed on the first time around.

LATEST - Chun Li Return Confirmed

Back by popular demand, the first run of Street Fighter characters are returning to Fortnite. Both Ryu and, more importantly, Chun Li are back in the Item Store and available to purchase once again.

Is Fortnite bringing back Chun Li?

It's entirely possible that Chun Li and Ryu could return to Fortnite soon. The licencing agreement is clearly still active between Epic and Capcom for the use of their characters.

Fortnite Chun Li Skin
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Chun Li was very popular first time around, although you don't see her skin around too often

Fortnite is forever bringing back characters to the item store that were only available for a short time to ensure that players, old and new, don't feel like they missed out on not being able to purchase first-time around.

This can get tricky with licencing agreements but as mentioned, the one linking Fortnite and Street Fighter is clearly still active given the addition of Cammy and Guile. It didn't take long following the announcement of Cammy and Guile for the question to be asked, "So is Fortnite bringing back Chun Li or what?".

Given the clear community desire for the Chun Li skin to be purchasable again, it's highly likely that it could return to the Fortnite item store once more. Many seem to prefer the idea of Chun Li returning to Fortnite over any more new characters being added.

Fortnite Chun Li Ryu Street Fighter
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Could we see both characters returning to Fortnite soon?

There may be an agreement in place that prevents Chun Li from coming back alone and Ryu may also return as part of the deal. We feel as long as players have the chance to purchase the skin separately if they choose, then they won't be too bothered about Ryu returning also.

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