FM24 Set Pieces: Score BAGS of goals with this routine

FM24 corners

FM24 corners

Football Manager 2024 has entered early access, and millions of games have already been played in this incredible game. With lots of new features and more wonderkids than you could ever possibly sign, there is lots to sink your teeth into this year.

One of the biggest changes to your job as a manager this year is set pieces and especially corners. The old corner-taking screen was a mess of outdated interfaces. But this year it has been refreshed and entirely revamped. While these changes are extremely welcome it does mean that you can't just port over your set piece routines from FM23.

Football Manager 2024 corner routine

There's been a meta for corners in FM for a while, and despite the changes to the tactics screen it still holds in FM24.

You want to put your biggest, springiest, and most aggressive players at the near post and put an in-swinging delivery to them. You will also want to bring a player short to draw away a defender.

FM24 corner routine
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That invariably means your centre-backs will be the main target. We've already had 10 goals scored in our save directly from this routine and our save is just in December. You'll also get good flick-ons here, so be sure to position a striker at the far post and your best long-shot takers on the edge of the box. This will generate plenty more chances for you as well.

So to summarise, for this routine you need...

  • In-swinging corners aimed at the near post
  • A player coming short to draw a defender away
  • Your two best aerial threats attacking the near post
  • A strong player marking the goalkeeper
  • A striker attacking the far post

Make sure to have two players staying back to defend against counter-attacks, and be sure to set your set piece takes with some subs as well. In early access there is a bug that will make your keeper take corners if you don't have a set piece taker on the field!

Key attributes for near-post Aerial Threats

  • Height
  • Strength
  • Heading
  • Aggression
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