Here's how Festival of FUTball cards work in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Euro 2020 kicks off today!

To celebrate, EA is releasing an awesome promo, which will be replacing the Team of the Season (TOTS) event in Ultimate Team.

Check out how the Festival of FUTball cards will work in FUT 21.

Upgrade cards

In the fourth different loading screen so far, EA revealed that some cards will be upgradeable.

The arrows at the top of the card suggested upgrades similar to what we saw in the 'What If' promo.

festival of futball loading screen
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MOVING ON UP - There will be upgrades in the Festival of FUTball

While Showdown cards may well be on the way too, we now know that these cards will be called 'Path to Glory'.

With players from Europe and South America involved, we can't wait to see who is included in the first batch.

Path to glory

Confirmed. There will be Path to Glory cards released as part of the event with added skill move and weak foot bonuses too.

While not as straightforward as the Road to the Final cards, the Path to Glory players will follow similar trends to the What If promo.

festival of football path to glory
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NEW IN - Path to glory cards should be epic this month

With a maximum of +4 to their OVR, a start rating of 95 OVR could see a new 99-rated card.


  • 3 wins +2 OVR
  • 4 wins +1 OVR
  • 5 wins +1 OVR
  • 6 wins - 5* Skill Moves and Weak Foot

When is Festival of FUTball?

Judging by the Ultimate Team loading screen, FIFA 21's Festival of FUTball will arrive on Friday, 11 June at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

fifa 18 festival of futball ultimate team
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IT'S BACK: For the first time since FIFA 18, the Festival of FUTball promo is back

We are expecting to see a loading screen or some teasers on social media 24 hours beforehand.

SBCs & Objectives

Of course, FUT has come on a long way since FIFA 18, and we can expect SBC items to be available almost every single day throughout the promo.

fifa 18 suarez festival of futball fut
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99 CLUB: Who will be the first to join Pele in the 99 club in FUT 21?

This could be "man of the match" style items from performances in the tournament, or EA selecting popular players.

We also expect EA to drop Festival of FUTball objectives cards, meaning you can still add to your squad if you've spent all your coins during the TOTS promo.

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