FUT 23 Player of the Week - BIG man tops our Best Of list



It's time to take another look at the best players released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team over the past week!

The brand-new FUT Centurions event kicked off with Team 1, which was then joined by the regular Team of the Week 11 drop.

So, who do we think are the best cards of the lot? Read on to find out.

Honourable Mentions

Before we get to the top spots, there are some names that must be highlighted!

FUT Centurions James Milner (OVR 86)

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James Milner is a criminally underrated player, so for him to be included in the promo was a nice touch.

Although he lacks a bit of pace, add a Shadow to him and his pace is upped to 86 OVR and he has the stats of a 91-rated CDM.

FUT Centurions Trent Alexander-Arnold (OVR 90)

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Joining his Liverpool teammate on the list, Trent Alexander-Arnold got a very tasty new card, with a top pace upgrade.

He has all the stats you want from a modern-day, playmaking full-back, and his pace and defensive stats can of course be increased more with the Shadow chemistry style.

FUT Centurions Ryan Kent (OVR 85)

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A favourite of the FUT community, Ryan Kent has to be mentioned this week as his card was such good value!

Included as a reward for the FUT Centurions James Tavernier SBC (more on that later), if you wanted to add this rat to your club it will only require an 82-rated squad with a TOTW included.

FUT Centurions Ante Rebic (OVR 87)

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Continuing the run of decent FUT Centurions, Ante Rebic shouldn't be overlooked as a forward that can do a bit of everything.

Pacey and strong, but still great with the ball at his feet and with a decent shot on him, add a Finisher and he gains the stats of a 92-rated forward - and he would only cost you 30,000 coins.

TOTW Danilo (OVR 87)

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The refreshed Team of the Week upgrade system should give us some pretty decent cards for the rest of the season and we're already seeing the benefits with cards like Danilo.

His 87 OVR has some great stats all-round and if you add an Anchor or Shadow he gains the attributes of a 92-rated CB.

3rd - FUT Centurions Presnel Kimpembe (OVR 86)

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The bane of many a FUT player, Presnel Kimpembe had gained his first special card of the season, and as you'd expect he's class!

Don't let his 86 OVR trick you, he actually possesses the stats of an 89-rated CB, which can be increased all the way up to that of a 95 OVR.

The only downside is his current 446,000 coin cost.

2nd - FUT Centurions James Tavernier (OVR 87)

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James Tavernier's FUT Centurions SBC is well-priced and the card is great!

Obviously, the downside is his league links, but his English nationality helps out there (as does being able to include Ryan Kent).

If you can fit him in your side he is one of the best RBs to use in-game.

1st - TOTW Alexander Sorloth (OVR 87)

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Although we aren't still in the lengthy meta, this Alexander Sorloth TOTW 11 version looks incredible!

His previous TOTW inclusion was very popular in FUT and this one could be similar.

If you give him the Finisher chem style he gains the stats of a 94-rated striker - which includes 99 Finishing, Shot Power, Dribbling, Heading Accuracy and Strength!

You can pick him up for less than 20,000 and he could be a lot of fun.

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