FIFA 24 Developer - Who is making the new game?

FIFA players are starting to look beyond the current title and towards FIFA 24.

Amid plenty of speculation, fans of the footballing sim are wondering who will actually be developing the new game.

Well, we're here to shed some light on the situation. Find out who will be making FIFA 24 below

Who is making FIFA 24?

Of course, FIFA 23 was developed by EA Sports, but the game marks the end of the relationship between the two companies.

With EA Sports FC announced, FIFA 23 will be the end of an era, with FIFA now searching for a new developer following the end of their long-term deal with EA.

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FIFA has not yet confirmed who will be developing the next title in their series FIFA 24.

As the name suggests, EA Sports FC will be made by EA Sports.

So, we expect EA Sports FC to resemble FIFA 23. So, if you're a die-hard FIFA player, EA Sports FC will be the game for you going forward.

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