FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Best Formations: TOP tactics to make your team ELITE

We can't wait to take to Pro Clubs in FIFA 23, teaming up with our mates to try and become the best team around.

As well as using the best player builds, it is vital to play with a top formation, which can be affected by your playstyle and how many CPU and human players make up your side.

Find out the best formations to use in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs below.

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4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow)

An extremely popular choice, the 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow) is a great option to use regardless of how many human players you have.

It can act as a strong counter-attacking system, with three people occupying the front positions ready to spring a break.

You can also use it to dominate the play, with the tight four-man midfield dominating possession with tiki-taka football.

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KEEP THE TEMPO - Control the play in midfield

The CPU is very effective at doing this, but you can take your game to new heights with humans controlling all the roles, so long as you have clear communication and a strong game plan.

The Passing Game tactic is best used with this formation, working your way up the field slowly with lots of short passes and giving the player on the ball plenty of options.


Any variation of five at the back can create real problems in Pro Clubs because of the defensive stability it gives you.

A lot of attacking play relies on players getting out wide, then cutting in and getting the ball central to a more dangerous position.

Playing with three centre-backs and wing-backs means there is less space in those areas and less chance of one-on-one situations out wide.

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KEEP IT TIGHT - Don't concede and you have a better chance of winning
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Primarily you will be using this as a counter-attacking formation, with Long Balls played early to the attackers to get in behind the opposition.

For this reason (and as a general rule of thumb in Pro Clubs) it is best for humans to control the forward players.


The 4-3-3 is one of the most versatile formations around and can be used to control the game in many different ways.

Because you can adapt to whatever the opposition throws at you easily using this formation it is great if there isn't a settled meta in Pro Clubs.

One of the easiest and most effective tactics is playing with a forward three that are maxed out on pace, using long balls out wide and driving crosses into the box.

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SWITCHING IT UP - Vary your play using the 4-3-3

It is surprisingly easy to get in behind the defence, then play a simple ball across the box and tap it into the net.

If you don't have any luck doing that, your wingers can cut inside and outnumber the opposition CBs; or your striker can drop deeper as a false-9 to play through balls to the wingers; or you can play narrow, overloading the midfield to control possession; you can play with a CAM who can also adapt to a second-striker; or have a CDM drop into defence to make a back-three, allowing your full-backs to get forward.

There are plenty of options to suit whatever style!

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