FIFA 23: New FUT promo could be coming this weekend

FIFA 23 may be entering its twilight phase, but there are still a lot of players keen to know what the next promo will be in FUT. All signs pointed toward FUTTIES being next on the FUT agenda, but now it seems something else is sneaking in front of it.

Fans were hyped for FUTTIES to kick off the true endgame of FIFA 23 following a strong Shapeshifters promo, but it looks like we will have to wait now. With EA Sports FC just around the corner and a new era for FUT on the way, there hasn't been a better time for players.

Level Up

A recent rumour from reliable FUT leaker @FUTSheriff on Twitter suggests that a new promo is coming this weekend, pushing FUTTIES back by at least a week. This promo is apparently called 'Level UP'.

FUT Sheriff tweet about a potential new promo
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INCOMING - No one saw this promo coming!

There are no other sources corroborating this at the time of writing, so it may not be accurate, but given that FUTTIES started in mid-July last year we wouldn't be surprised to see EA sneak another promo in just before it this year.

What will Level Up be?

So if a Level Up promo is coming, what could it be like? Well there is some suggestions that it could be similar to the Adidas 'Number UP' promo from last year, though that wasn't received well.

Roberto Firmino in FIFA 23
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MOVING UP - This new promo may let us create new stars

We certainly hope it will be better than that, but there are likely to be some decent SBCs and objectives, that could be leveled up through playing challenges.

Whatever EA is planning for this weekend, we should have our answer at 6pm BST on Friday!

EA Sports FC Hypermotion V

A recent presentation from EA Sports has shown off a huge upcoming improvement for EA Sports FC. Hypermotion V will bring even more fluidity and realism to the game.

Offering 80x more animations than FIFA 23 it seems we are set to enter a new era of gameplay with the new branding.

Find out more about Hypermotion V here.

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