FIFA 23 - Major Game Data Centre CLOSES

FIFA 23 Harry Kane

FIFA 23 Harry Kane

FIFA 23 has had a rollercoaster start to life and this latest piece of news could create the next dip.

With FIFA relying heavily on Game Data Centre to run their servers, the last thing EA wants is to see one of those centres close.

Read the latest on a major blow to millions of FIFA players.

Major Game Data Centre Closes

The FIFA Direct Communications Twitter page confirmed that the FIFA Game Data Center in Mexico City will no longer be in use.

The statement continued, revealing that the technology vendor is shutting down their services and will no longer use their tech at this location.

The effects of this will be immediate, with EA confirming that the centre shut down operations on Friday, January 13.

EA went on to confirm "As always, we are assessing options for FIFA Game Data Centers with quality technology vendors and will provide updates when they are available."

How will this affect FIFA 23?

Game data centres, as described by EA - are physical locations with hardware and software systems designed to operate FIFA 23 online gameplay.

These centres are more commonly referred to as 'Servers'.

The closing down of the servers in Mexico City is certain to have a major - and negative - effect on millions of players in South America, with either no online servers available or simply very poor latency and connection.

EA are of course working as hard as it can to repair this issue, with millions of FIFA 23 players set to be affected by this.

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