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FIFA 23 New HIDDEN Skill Move is UNREAL

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We're fully stuck into FIFA 23 at the moment, with the World Cup DLC dropping and multiple promos taking over Ultimate Team.

With Deep Dives, Pitch Notes and leaks, we usually have a pretty good idea of what to expect within the game, but sometimes something will come along that takes everyone by surprise.

Check out a new, hidden skill move below, that could prove deadly in FIFA 23!

Hidden Skill Move REVEALED

The clip has done the rounds on socials, with Donk one high-profile name on Twitter sharing the ridiculous footage.

It made us do a double-take, go "what was that?!", and have a little laugh!

Check out the hidden skill move in the clip below:

That's right, your eyes do not deceive - you have just witnessed an attacker ducking through a defender's legs to get onto the ball, then burying it in the back of the net!

We're not sure what that move is called, but we'd opt for "Stuck in the Mud".

Trick or Glitch?

The big question is - was that a skill move, or just a glitch?

If it's a skill move, it should be repeatable, however, we haven't seen anyone else putting up clips showing they have been able to do the same.

There isn't a button combo listed in the controls section of FIFA 23 to tell you how to do it, yet it wouldn't be the first time a game has hidden content.

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SHOWBOAT - Neymar has all the skills in his locker, but can he do this one?

Unfortunately, the most likely reason for the skill move is a glitch.

FIFA titles have always tried to ground themselves in realism, and although you can now customise the game so a horse noise plays when you score, this skill move feels like a step too far away from authenticity.

As much as a player nutmegging the defender with himself is a good laugh, we're glad it isn't a prevalent feature to be abused in the game!

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