FIFA 23 - These improved FUT Champs rewards will make EVERYBODY happier

FUT players are now consistently competing in FIFA 23's most competitive game mode - the FUT Champions Weekend League.

For a large pool of avid Ultimate Team players, FUT Champions is a laborious and unrewarding process.

This has been made apparent by constant complaints from disgruntled fans on popular FIFA forums such as Twitter and Reddit.

We feel that EA can make some simple but significant changes to the FUT Champs rewards system that will drastically improve the game mode for everybody involved.

Rancid Rewards

The harsh reality of FUT Champs for a significant proportion of the FUT community is that the rewards are not worth the time and effort put into it.

Of course, many players might enjoy playing with new cards and the new gameplay itself, but the rewards are usually so poor that it takes the fun away from it.

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AWFUL OPTIONS - This is what you can expect from your Red Player Picks

Red Player Picks are the most exciting component of rewards, but on a typical weekend, you'll get no options that actually improve your squad.

In general, no matter what pack rewards you earn, you will make very little profit, due to the state of the transfer market and player values.

Right now, there are only two Gold Rare cards that are worth over 100,00 coins on the PlayStation and Xbox market - it's only November!

Endless Cycle

Due to the consistent release of new overpowered promo cards every Friday, the power curve is constantly evolving in Ultimate Team.

In order to try and finish at the highest level each week, you must buy new players to improve your squad and not fall behind the rest.

Unfortunately, unless you can finish all your games within the first few hours of the Weekend League, it’s likely you will actually make a loss in terms of coins.

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HARD TIMES - It's almost impossible to make a large profit from FUT Champs rewards
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Every Saturday and Sunday FUT players sell vast numbers of players from rewards as well as their own teams, causing the market to be flooded with cards thus reducing player values.

No matter where you finish in Champs, your profits will be reduced as your squad value decreases and EA tax takes 20% on all player sales.

Drastic Improvements

The re-introduction of Monthly Rewards will improve FUT Champs and Ultimate Team for everybody involved.

This benefits EA as the player base will not want to miss a single Weekend League, meaning overall FUT engagement will increase.

The community also benefits from Monthly Rewards as more Red Player Picks will be made available.

More Red Player Picks on offer give you a higher chance at unlocking the top-tier in-form cards and make submitting FUT Champs Premium Upgrade SBCs a quicker process.

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GOOD TIMES - Monthly Rewards can reincentivise FUT fanatics

On top of this, these Red in-form items are untradeable, which means they will not lose value and essentially allow you to hold more liquid coins.

One addition that the community would no doubt love is the inclusion of promo cards within Monthly Rewards.

Just like they do during the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo, Monthly Red Player Picks would include promotional cards from the ongoing campaign at that time.

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