FIFA 23: EA face player FURY following TERRIBLE new scans



A brand new title update has arrived in FIFA 23, bringing a host of changes to the game.

The NWSL - National Women's Soccer League - has been added into FIFA 23, with some of the world's top female soccer stars now presented in their fully authenticated glory.

This should have, in theory, been a real positive for EA, but some players from the league have voiced their anger.

Check below to discover the backlash that could overshadow EA's newest league addition.

Player Fury

EA introducing the NWSL is a good thing for the exposure of Women's football, there will be no disagreement from anyone on that front.

Seeing more female players, teams and leagues is an important step forward when it comes to implementing women's football into FIFA, and we're all for it.

However, any positive move is going to face backlash, especially when certain players are omitted from full scans and authentication.

To give EA credit, over 50 new face scans were added to FIFA 23 in Title Update #9, with all of those scans bringing the best of the NWSL to life.

Unfortunately, some were left behind and stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest.

FIFA 23 Dydasco
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PLAYER FURY - Dydasco is not happy with her scan

The first complaint came from Caprice Dydasco of the Houston Dash, who pointed out that her scan in FIFA 23 wasn't representative of her at all.

Taking to Twitter, Dydasco said, "I’m grateful EA Sports is finally including the NWSL but this does not represent me."

The anger didn't stop there, with Sydney Leroux also taking to Twitter to complain about her appearance in the game.

FIFA 23 Leroux
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NEW MOULDS - Leroux is not happy with her scan in FIFA 23

One of the things noted when female players were added into the game initially was the body moulds not representing the individuals and all looking too similar.

This appears to have been fixed somewhat in the most recent Title Update, but there's no doubt that EA still has a long way to go.

Janine Beckie was the next to take to social media to complain, once again highlighting the sheer hilarity of differences between her real-life presentation to how she appears in-game.

FIFA 23 Beckie
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LAUGH OUT LOUD - Beckie is sporting some clear differences in FIFA 23

Of course, this isn't just limited to female players. We've also seen plenty of male players complain about their scans and appearances in FIFA 23, with Arsenal in particular being dealt a hilarious blow at the start of the game.

This whole saga certainly showcases that EA still has a long way to go when it comes to perfecting their scans and that maybe they should be looking to scan and authenticate as many stars as possible.

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Defending EA

In EA's defence, they only have so much time when it comes to scanning every player in every league.

Right now, only a handful of major leagues are fully scanned in FIFA 23 and whilst we do understand the anger of the NWSL players, this has been a long-running problem in FIFA for many years.

As soon as EA introduced authentic scanning, it was always going to create a large divide between players who were and players who weren't.

As seen in-game, inauthentic stars look worse than ever when compared to a fully scanned player, and these issues won't be fixed until EA find the time to scan pretty much every footballer on the planet.

FIFA 23 Carson Pickett
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GOING THE EXTRA MILE - Carson Pickett was added into FIFA 23

Of course, that's a pretty unrealistic goal, but when it comes to bettering the generic makeup of players, we definitely feel EA could do a lot more to improve this aspect of the game moving forward.

A case in point is body moulds. Whilst it may not make too much of a difference for male players, offering variations for Women's players is incredibly important and we hope to see this addressed in the future.

It's not all bad news either, as NWSL star Carson Pickett was added into the game in the new title update, with the 29-year-old being the only player in FIFA 23 to showcase a visible "disability".

Pickett was born without a left forearm and hand and seeing this reflected in-game is another major step forward for representation in gaming.

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