FIFA 23 Career Mode - how to avoid the sack

FIFA 23 Pep Guardiola

FIFA 23 Pep Guardiola

FIFA 23 Career Mode has underwhelmed in many aspects, but there's no doubt that the gameplay has significantly improved this year.

That being said, it isn't just what happens on the pitch that's important this year, with off-field objectives of equal vitality in Career Mode.

Check below for top tips to help you avoid the sack in FIFA 23.

How to avoid the sack in FIFA 23

As we well know, the managerial merry-go-round is in full force in real-life, but thankfully things aren't so cut-throat in FIFA 23.

That being said, no gaffer is beyond the chop and these simple tips will keep you in the hot seat.

Win, Win, Win

The most obvious tip is to win games of football.

Ultimately, your job status will depend on your ability to win games and it won't matter how well you perform against these other markers if you're unable to win on the pitch.

Therefore, you must set up a sensible and effective tactic for your team, ensuring that you are best equipped to bag the W every time you step onto the pitch.

Hit your mark

Introduced into Career Mode a few years ago, Manager Objectives are one thing that can prove to be a sticking point for many in FIFA 23.

With some objectives being bafflingly difficult, or simply impossible to achieve, it's not always the best idea to bank on these guides.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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AT THE WHEEL - Following these simple tips will keep you in charge

That being said, manager objectives will have arguably the biggest effect on your manager rating.

With the manager rating being the thing that tends to indicate how close you are to getting the sack, you'll need to keep your head above water by attempting to tick off each and every objective set out by your board, especially the high-priority ones.

Failure to do so could easily see you to lose your job.


One thing we've learnt in FIFA 23 is the negative effect that a calendar sim can have on your save.

Whilst simulating games in a traditional sense doesn't seem to be too bad, sitting there and simulating months ahead definitely has a negative impact.

Many times, despite results, we've returned from monthly simulations to find the board has completely lost faith and we've often lost our jobs at the end of the season as a result.

Therefore, it's vital that - even if you want to quickly get ahead - that you do spend a bit of time simulating individual matches rather than frantically flicking through the calendar.

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