FIFA 23 - Can I get TOTY players from saved packs?

The Team of the Year (TOTY) promo is coming over the horizon in FIFA 23 and it's time you get your club prepared for the biggest campaign in the Ultimate Team calendar.

FUT players are busy collecting and saving their packs for when the full Team of the Year XI is available, but speculation regarding whether you can actually get TOTY cards from saved packs is rife.

So, we're here to settle the debate. Find out whether you can pull TOTY players from saved packs in FUT 23 below.

Can I get TOTY cards from saved packs?

EA has now confirmed whether you can get TOTY cards through saved packs in Ultimate Team, via a FIFA social form.

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THE GOAT - Messi will no doubt make the TOTY XI

The EA Community Manager stated the following:

"We've seen some confusion around the topic of TOTY Player Items not being obtainable from packs that you might have been keeping saved. To clarify, Campaign/promo Player Items can be found in applicable saved packs."

So, we now know that the answer is yes - you can get TOTY players in saved packs.

Check out the best way to save your packs for FIFA 23's Team of the Year campaign right here.

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