FC 24 - VOLTA set to be REMOVED

FC 24 Volta

FC 24 Volta

FC 24 is set to be the newest title released by EA Sports, their first release in the football gaming sphere since their split from FIFA.

FC 24 looks set to welcome a new era by introducing a host of new features, but it's looking likely that we will see a casualty.

Check below for everything you need to know about the potential removal of VOLTA from FC 24.

VOLTA Removed

VOLTA - EA Sports' modern-day answer to FIFA Street - was introduced in FIFA 20 and was meant to bring a brand new flavour to the game.

Unfortunately, it's become something of a red mark against EA's name, as the mode has failed to resonate with players.

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FOOTBALLING FLOP - VOLTA will likely be removed from FC 24

The forced microtransactions and overall messy feel of the mode has led to many leaving it alone entirely.

In FIFA 23, EA attempted to revive the mode by banding it with Pro Clubs, but the initial promise has quickly dwindled and the mode is almost certainly going to be axed from the running once FC 24 is released.

Seen as an alternative to Ultimate Team, VOLTA hasn't touched the success of FUT and is likely to be dropped by EA as we head into a new era.

Missed Opportunity

There's no doubt that VOLTA is one of the biggest wastes of potential we've seen from EA, as the mode - on paper - had everything that players were asking for.

Customisation options, a completely different feel and a more collaborative and online feel should have led this mode to rousing success, but instead, it's dwindled into obscurity.

EA Sports FC FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA's brand new game will launch in 2023

The problems came when simple customisation options were hidden and the familiar FIFA grind problem came into play.

Whilst it was first seen as a FUT alternative, it arguably became FUT 2.0, just without the excitement that EA's flagship mode brings.

Seen as a modern-day FIFA Street, VOLTA became an empty shell without the waves of nostalgia that made players so fond of the classic FIFA Street offerings.

Potential Replacements

Right now, the only confirmed new feature leaked for FC 24 is the arrival of online career mode.

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The FIFA community has been calling for an online Career Mode for many years, and many thought their wishes had been answered when a job listing surfaced in the lead-up to FIFA 22 for an 'Online Software Engineer' working on 'online career mode'.

FC 24 The Journey
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HUNTER RETURNS - Could The Journey return in FC 24?

However, it seems the community's prayers have finally been answered, with an online Career Mode rumoured for the first-ever EA Sports FC title, according to @UTSources on Twitter.

Away from Online Career, we could see a surprise return of The Journey - or a similar narrative-driven mode.

New Name, New Era

With the rumoured name change to FC 24, or EA Sports FC, EA may have to make some tweaks to their branding.

Right now, FIFA Ultimate Team - or FUT as it's sometimes known - would have to be rebranded, with EA no longer able to use the FIFA name.

However, if FC 24 is the name that EA go with for this new era, we could still see FUT used as an abbreviation for the mode.

No other modes should be affected, but we wouldn't be surprised if EA make a few tweaks in order to stamp their mark in this new era of football gaming.

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