New league CONFIRMED for EA Sports FC

The dispute between EA and FIFA is over, with the new title 'EA Sports FC' set to take over as the future of the franchise.

The hype for the release of EA's new footballing sim is building as the FIFA 23 game cycle begins to draw to a close.

We already know of a few major licenses that EA has lost to their competitor eFootball over the course of the past few months, but it looks like a fresh league has been secured for the new game...

New league CONFIRMED

According to Matheus Gamer on Twitter, EA has secured the rights to the Spanish La Liga F for EA Sports FC 24.

For those of you who are unaware, the Spanish La Liga F is the Spanish division one Women's League.

The ever-reliable @FIFAUTeam has supported Matheus Gamer's claim by stating 'La Liga F (Spanish Women's League) will feature in FC 24".

As far as we know, EA has an agreement to use the club names, kits, badges and player names for all 16 teams in the La Liga F table.

This includes the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Valencia.

We expect more women's league licenses to be secured ahead of EA Sports FC's launch as EA plans to place a greater emphasis on the women's game.

More on EA Sports FC licenses

Whilst it remains to be clear whether EA will keep all of their license portfolio following their split from FIFA, we are expecting this to be the case.

Most leagues, teams and players that signed up to license deals with FIFA would have actually been signing with EA, meaning they will continue to feature in EA Sports FC.

Of course, this does mean that international sides and major international tournaments like the World Cup will be absent from EA Sports FC.

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