Skyrim Shield on Back Mod - how to download on all platforms

skyrim shield on back image

skyrim shield on back image

Skyrim may be fast approaching its teenage years but the love for the game is still stronger than ever. This is down to the modding community and today we're looking at the Shield on Back mod in particular.

This mod makes it possible for your adventurer to store any shield on their back when it's not being used rather than it being sent to your inventory. It may not sound like the biggest change but its one that really helps with the immersion within the game. So, here's how to download the Shield on Back mod in Skyrim!

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How to download the Shield on Back mod in Skyrim

Downloading mods into Skyrim isn't as daunting a task as it may first appear. Bethesda built in a simple mod platform for the game allowing you to search for mods and download them instantly.

skyrim screenshot third person from behind the character
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No one wants to be looking a bare backs all the time!

There is, however, the option to download files from NexusMods, and installing them is a little trickier but you can see how to do that HERE.

If you are comfortable using NexusMods, we suggest the Dual Sheath Redux or Auto Unequip to Back mods.

These are only available on PC though, so when looking for options on console the best one to download is Auto Unequip Shields to Back.

skyrim shield on back mod
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Again, mods on console are very simple when downloading them through the integrated platform but they will disable trophies and achievements. In order to start earning them again, you'll need to uninstall all mods and start from a savepoint prior to them being used.

Make sure you don't get your save files mixed up or it'll be another new save file needed to start earning trophies and achievements once again.

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