New FC 25 Ultimate Team Game Mode Leaked

FC 25 Penta New Ultimate Team Game Mode

FC 25 Penta New Ultimate Team Game Mode

FC 25 is closing in, and despite EA keeping their cards close to their chest, rumors have just dropped that there will be a new Ultimate Team game mode coming to the new EA Sports game!

Whilst fans speculate all of the new features, release date, and predicted ratings of the players in FC 25, leaks suggest that a new game mode called Penta is set to hit the game upon release.

Penta Ultimate Team Game Mode Leaked

Some fresh leaks have just dropped onto social media, thanks to reliable leaker @FutPoliceLeaks, who suggests that a new Ultimate Team game mode will be coming to FC 25 called Penta.

This new mode looks set to have a bunch of new features, which are all listed below.

FC 24 New Ultimate Team Game Mode Penta
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FC 25
  1. The mode is 4 Human Players + 1 GK AI vs. 4 Human Players + 1 GK AI
  2. You pick a player from your Ultimate Team Club and control just that player
  3. You can group with up to 3 other friends who do the same
  4. You can also choose to randomly drop in with 3 unknown players
  5. The pitch will be smaller, adjusted to 5v5
  6. The pitch will have grass
  7. Regular Kits
  8. There will be many Objectives inside this game mode, and some of them (not all) will have Evolution-like requirements, such as, Max. 75 OVR etc.
  9. This game mode does NOT replace Squad Battles; it will be an extra mode inside of Ultimate Team
  10. Squad Battles are getting revamped in FC 25

Our main takeaway from this is that Ultimate Team is getting a fun new game mode coming in FC 25, which is super exciting!

This game mode resembles Volta and Clubs in many ways, with players able to drop into matches whenever they please, regardless of whether they are playing with friends or not.

FC 24 New Ultimate Team Game Mode Penta
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One exciting feature could be the use of players that meet certain requirements, which will make the lower-rated players in Ultimate Team still usable, with the power curve shifting dramatically each year.

We are also excited to see what changes EA makes to Squad Battles, with the leaks suggesting that the game mode will receive a revamp.

FC 25 is proving to be as highly anticipated as ever, and we look forward to seeing what EA has up its sleeve!

What do you think of the Penta Ultimate Team game mode leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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