Popular Pack Animation Set to Return in FC 25

FC 25 Pack Animation

FC 25 Pack Animation

FC 25 continues to get closer as fans of the beloved EA series start to turn their eye on the new edition of the game, which is set to feature new teams, players, and features, promising an exciting new chapter in football gaming.

Whilst there have already been leaks suggesting a new Ultimate Team game mode will be released in FC 25, further rumors have emerged indicating that a fan-favorite pack animation will be making its return!

Pack Animation Leaked to Make FC 25 Return

The latest EA Sports game is closing in, with FC 25 only a few months away as football fans transition into the 24/25 season.

Plenty of changes have taken place over the summer already, with transfers seeing superstar players move teams and new clubs in each league, getting fans as excited as ever for FC 25 to drop!

While there have already been Ultimate Team leaks regarding the new Penta game mode, further rumors suggest that fans will be greeted with a welcome return of the sliding doors and tunnel pack animation.

FC 25 Pack Animation
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FIFA 20 Pack Animation

Players figured out fairly quickly how to spot certain types of cards with this animation. For example, if there was a bigger flare coming from the roof, then it meant a walkout player was inside the pack. However, if both flares were the same size, it would usually mean that there weren't any exciting cards in the pack.

This graphic was featured in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, so many FC 25 players will be familiar with the pack animation; however, for those unaware of this graphic, we believe it is one of the best and makes opening packs just that little bit more exciting!

EA will continue to put all of their eggs into the Ultimate Team basket next year, so it is essential that fans have a pleasing pack animation, and the anticipation of opening packs with this graphic is fantastic as a player.

Will the FC 25 pack animation be a copy of that of FIFA 20, or do you think EA will update it? Let us know in the comments below.

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