FC 25 Gold Ultimate Team Card Leak Showcases Familiar Design

FC 25 Gold Ultimate Team Card

FC 25 Gold Ultimate Team Card

The FC 25 Gold Ultimate Team card design has been leaked online as more and more details begin to emerge about the next installment of the EA FC franchise.

While information remains somewhat limited, leaks surrounding the FC 24 successor are slowly on the rise, and the latest reveal has divided opinion among fans.

FC 25 Gold Ultimate Team Card Design Leaked

Following reports that FC 25 will be released on September 27, a fresh leak has given fans a first look at what is said to be the official design for Gold cards in FC 25 Ultimate Team.

Reputable leakers @Fut_scoreboard, @AsyFutTrader, and @WetDesignFUT have shared the card on social media along with the caption "FC25 Official Gold Card design".

FC 25 Gold Card Design Leak
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Credit: @Fut_scoreboard
Leaked FC 25 Gold Card Design

The card features a simple yet effective design, with geometric shapes reminiscent of the ones used for Gold cards in FIFA 16.

In terms of how it compares to the FC 24 version, the shape is slightly wider and possibly a tad more compact based on the leaked image, while the shades of color used in the background are lighter.

Fans Divided Over FC 25 Card Design

Unsurprisingly, the leaked card has received a mixed reaction from fans, with some for and against the new design.

Responding to the leak on social media, one reply read "It's weird", while another said, "Major L".

FC 24 & FC 25 Gold Card Comparison
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Credit: @WetDesignFUT
FC 24 & FC 25 Card Comparison

However, some responses have been much more positive, with other replies stating it looks "Way better than last year" and has a "Cold design".

As is the case with every game out there, EA won't be able to please everyone, and the leaked card design is likely to be just one of the many new aspects of FC 25 that will divide opinion as more details emerge in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the leaked Gold card design for FC 25? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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