Leaked FC 25 Corner System Adds Exciting New Feature

FC 25 Corner

FC 25 Corner

Leaks have emerged which reportedly describe the new FC 25 corner system set to be introduced to the game later this year.

It comes after a new Ultimate Team game mode was also leaked for FC 25, with 'Penta' set to be just one of the many new features coming in the next installment of the EA FC franchise!

FC 25 Corner System Leaked

As FC 24 approaches the end of its cycle, details surrounding its successor are beginning to emerge via reputable leakers online, and one of the latest bits of information concerns the new corner system.

According to @FutPoliceLeaks, the FC 25 corner system will allow users to select which players they want at the front post, back post, penalty spot, and edge of the box.

Currently, in FC 24, only the number of players inside the box for corners can be altered, but not the personnel themselves or their exact positions.

This new feature would certainly be a welcome addition should it turn out to be true, giving users more positional freedom and tactical planning as a result. It could also be viewed as a negative change by some, however, due to the capability of filling the box with overpowered players that can negatively impact the balance and fairness of set-piece scenarios.

While players could look to exploit this, it remains to be seen whether or not the new corner system will have any limitations to make it fair. You would assume there won't be any to allow the user full freedom and creativity.

What are your thoughts about the potential new corner system coming to FC 25? Let us know in the comments below!

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