EA FC 24: NEW Archetypes revealed

EA FC 24 Erling Haaland

EA FC 24 Erling Haaland

The hype for EA FC 24 is building rapidly with new gameplay features that latest to be revealed.

An exciting innovation that builds on previous years, the latest Archetypes coming to the brand-new game are certainly set to raise a few eyebrows.

Last year, 3 main archetypes were on offer but that number has more than doubled for EA FC 24.

Check below for everything you need to know about the new archetypes coming to EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 new Archetypes

Last year, thanks to the Accelerate 1.0 technology, EA introduced 3 Archetypes into FIFA 23.

Those were broken down into the following:

  • Controlled
  • Explosive
  • Lengthy

Each archetype had its own perks and affected how certain players ran on the pitch.

Haaland EA Sports FC
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META BREAKER - Haaland was the king of FIFA 23

Notoriously, lengthy was a hit with players and quickly proved to be the meta-breaker before a patch was released by EA.

This year, EA FC 24 is set to dial things to 11 by introducing 4 new Archetypes into the game.

The new Archetypes will build upon what is already there, offering a far greater of variety in gameplay.

EA Sports FC Vinicius Jr.
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NEW STYLES - Gameplay enhancements are looking better than ever this year

The 4 new Archetypes are:

  • Mostly Lengthy
  • Controlled Lengthy
  • Controlled Explosive
  • Mostly Explosive

These new Archetypes look to deepen the work seen in FIFA 23, with players' pace and power levels being adjusted accordingly.

Major innovations

A lot of focus has been put on the enhanced gameplay capabilities we're going to see in EA FC 24.

New HyperMotionV Technology is set to take things to the next level and the continuation of Acceleration 1.0 is also set to have a major effect on the way EA FC 24 feels.

EA FC 24
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NEW ARRIVALS - 4 new Archetypes have been added to EA FC 24.

We saw last year just how much the new Archetypes affected the way certain players performed, with lengthy stars like Haaland and CR7 quickly breaking the meta.

This year, things should be a lot more varied and we're excited to see how each new Archetype will affect certain play styles.

The purpose of each Archetype is to add gameplay variety but to also alter the ways players feel, meaning the classic 'hold down the right trigger' play style will not be as effective as it once was.

New meta

As mentioned above, it was the Lengthy Archetype that proved to be the king when it came to FIFA 23.

Ironically, new EA FC 24 cover star Erling Haaland became unplayable in FIFA 23 due to his assigned archetype.

EA FC 24 cover
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JOIN THE CLUB - EA Sports FC lands on September 29

This year, things could be different. Whilst Haaland will almost certainly still be overpowered in many ways, there is likely to be a far greater balance.

We saw, in time, that EA was able to balance the way that the different archetypes felt with Accelerate 1.0 and we're sure that this new advancement in tech is only going to lead to greater possibilities.

Discovering the new meta is a fun part of any new football game and we're certain that these new Archetypes will play their part when it comes to uncovering the new overpowered mechanic.

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