Warzone 2 - Best Vaznev 9k Loadout, Attachments, and Tuning

Warzone 2 Vaznev

Warzone 2 Vaznev

Warzone 2 has only recently received a massive new content drop with the arrival of Season 2, and the game looks very different for it. New weapons have arrived to shake up the meta, as well as new challenges, just in time for the return of Rebirth.

The Vaznev 9k has been one of the best SMGs for some time, and will truly come into its own, particularly in Rebirth. Here's how to build the best close-quarters class around it so you never lose a point-blank fight again in Al Mazrah.

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Best Vaznev 9k Attachments in Warzone 2

The Vaznev 9k is unmatched at close-range, with a high fire rate and surprising damage for an SMG. Here are our picks for attachments to make sure you'll be able to take fights even in the mid-ranges:

Warzone 2 Vaznev 9k Loadout
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  • Muzzle: XTEN RR-40 | 0.46^ | 0.35>
  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV
  • Stock: Markeev R7 | -1.29^ | -1.24>
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip | -0.63^ | -0.1>
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag

Some of these attachments will take a little while to unlock, but once you have they're well worth the grind. You should have a great balance of close-range stopping power and mid-range stability.

The Vaznev will be at the top of the meta in Warzone 2 Mini Royale too due to its high versatility, so now is the time to put in the grind, and unlock it. The Kastov Platform is full of meta guns right now too, so leveling up its predecessors will be a piece of cake.

Best Vaznev 9k Perks and Equipment

The Vaznev is a good weapon to buy as a primary from a shop, but is even better when paired with a full loadout. Here's what we recommend to round out your class in Warzone 2, so you're prepared for any situation:

Perk Package: Weapon Specialist

Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Lethal: Throwing Knife

Run the weapon specialist package for overkill, and we recommend something with a much longer range as a secondary. A sniper like the SP-X 80 works well, or a long-range AR like the Taq 56.

In the meantime, run a heartbeat sensor to keep you safe, both when you're sniping, and to check buildings with the SMG. Then a throwing knife is always a solid option to avoid wasting valuable time and ammo on downed enemies in Warzone 2.

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