Prime Gaming Apex Legends: Brand New Content for November

Apex Legends Season 15 is just around the corner but if you want even more free content then Prime Gaming is the place to be. Amazon and Respawn Entertainment have partnered once again to deliver us a brand-new bundle in time for November.

Whether you're a Fuse main, or just like his style, don't miss out on this exclusive content in Apex Legends. Here's what's in store and how to get your hands on it.

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Apex Legends Prime Gaming Loot

Last month was all about Octane, but this month its Fuse on the menu for some brand new cosmetics. if you haven't had a chance to check him out, now's the time, beacuse he's packing an awesome, unique offensive kit, and now you can look stylish doing it.

Fuse apex legends
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Here's what's on offer in the brand new bundle in Apex Legends:

  • Fuse Character Skin: Fireball Filigree
  • Wingman Weapon Skin: Flavour Burst
  • Fuse Banner Frame: Gingham Style

Even if you're not a fuse fan, the Wingman is a great early-game weapon to get some early kills and lock down a POI if it's too hot. Flex on yo opponents as you finish them off with this fantastic weapon skin.

How to Claim Your Apex Legends Prime Gaming Content

Claiming your Prime Gaming content in Apex Legends has never been easier. First you'll want to head over to the Prime Gaming Apex Legends Page and make sure your EA account is linked to Prime. Do this once and you'll never have to again.

Fuse Apex Legends
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Then just hit 'Claim Now' on the Fuse Fireball bundle, and your content will bee available the next time you log in. Don't miss out, as this bundle will only be available for a month, and is exclusive to Prime Members.

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