How to get the Revelry Launch Twitch Drops in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Revelry Twitch Drops

Apex Legends Revelry Twitch Drops

Another year means another anniversary for one of the most popular live-service games, Apex Legends. Celebrating via its Anniversary Collection Event, this fourth iteration is giving Apex players the chance to earn in-game goodies via Twitch Drops.

Totaling at a whopping 24 items, in the Anniversary Collection Event, players have a chance to earn all sorts of limited-time in-game cosmetics as well as earn enough Heirloom Shards to unlock an Heirloom or Prestige Skin of their choice, and some of these come from Twitch Drops.

That being said, here's how to get the Revelry Launch Twitch Drops in Apex Legends.

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How to get the Revelry Launch Twitch Drops in Apex Legends

Going live alongside Apex Legends Season 16's launch, players can earn several in-game items via Twitch Drops.

Beginning on Tuesday, February 14, and ending Friday, February 17, players can earn a total of 12 select in-game goodies ranging from all sorts of Loading Screens to Charms and Apex Packs.

In order for players to get these Twitch Drops, players will have to watch a select amount of hours each day. Below are the hours players have to watch and what the reward will be.

  • Loading Screen (dropped after watching 1 hour)
  • Gun Charm (dropped after watching 2 hours)
  • Apex Pack (dropped after watching 3 hours
Revelry Launch Twitch Drops
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Each of the four days will offer three items in total, a Loading Screen, a Charm, and an Apex Pack. Below are the days and times.

  • Tues, Feb 14th @ 11am PT through Wed, Feb 15th @ 8am PT: Drop 1
  • Weds, Feb 15th @ 8am PT through Thurs, Feb 16th @ 8am PT: Drop 2
  • Thurs, Feb 16th @ 8am PT through Friday, Feb 17th @ 8am PT: Drop 3
  • Fri, Feb 17th @ 8am PT through Sat, Feb 18th @ 8am PT: Drop 3

Players can look for their favorite content creator or streamer whose drops are active, they will usually indicate it via their stream title.

Make sure the hours you're watching count by having your EA and Twitch accounts linked. If you don't know how to or want to make sure they're linked, follow our steps below.

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How to link and Twitch accounts

You'll want to make sure that your and Twitch accounts are linked in order for the hours watched to count.

Here's how to link the two:

  1. Visit and sign in or create an account
  2. Log In, if needed, enter your security code, and click Log In
  3. Click "Authorize" and confirm that it went through
  4. That's it!
  5. You can visit your Connections tab on your Twitch Settings page to verify that the link was successful

Once you've followed all of the steps your EA and Twitch accounts will be linked and your hours watched will count towards the corresponding Twitch Drop.

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