Does Apex Legends Have Cross-Progression?

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Fans within the Apex Legends community are still wondering whether cross-progression is a feature in-game.

Respawn Entertainment has created a large community around Apex Legends. And keeping a community like that happy at all times can get tricky.

But, cross-progression is a very important feature which can put some gamers off of playing the game.

This important feature is common in most recent games and lets players relax whilst levelling up on one account.

Apex Legends can be played on many consoles, so this feature is pretty important to include.

But, let's see if Apex Legends does have cross-progression and how this works.

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What is Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression is a very useful feature used in modern gaming.

It allows players who play on more than one console to level up on both and share XP throughout one account.

This makes it easier for players who sometimes may play on their PC compared to the Playstation, as no levels are lost between the two.

Cross-progression can sometimes look like having a shared account between all platforms.

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Does Apex Legends have cross-Progression?

Developers of the game promised us in September that there would be a cross-progression feature in 2022.

However, it is now 2023 and there currently isn't one in the game.

On December 17, @lowkeydbjosh or Josh Medina tweeted an update about these features that fans are waiting for.

"Update: Still in progress on those 2 features."

Respawn devs updated the community and stated that he messed up by revealing they are working on these features.

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Cross-Progression Release Date

The bad news is, there currently isn't any timeline for the expected release date of cross-progression in Apex Legends.

However, any future updates will be included in this article to keep you in the know.

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