Apex Legends Vantage: Best Counters to the New Legend

Vantage has been out for just under a week now. However, the legend has been getting some hits with how strong her kit is.

Vantage came into the Apex games with a purely sniper-focused setup. This has provided some great strength in the underplayed role. However, it seems to many players that there just isn't a way to counter her. And whilst her strength is undeniable, there are some good counters for her out there.

So, let's take a look at the best counters for the latest legend.

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The Best Vantage Counters in Apex Legends


Fuse Apex Legends
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Vantage is always about range. Sitting in a comfortable spot until she sees her target. This is something that Fuse can deny her access to. By bombarding her with grenades, Motherlode, or Knuckle Clusters, Fuse has a good chance of scaring her out of her hidey hole.


Octane Apex Legends
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Speed is key here. Vantage has a big character model which makes her a larger target. And whilst her movement capabilities are strong, nothing can beat the strength of Octane.

Getting right into Vantage's face is the best way to counter her. Stim closes the gap between him and the new legend. But, what is even better is the way that if she tries to escape, Octane can use Launch Pad to keep up to speed.


Revenant Apex Legends
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Another way to counter Vantage is to deny her damage. By having strong shields to cover yourself and your teammates, you stand a good chance of making it. This is why the defensive beast, Hardcastle is perfect for this role.

Mobile Shield and Castle are the best chances here for an enemy Vantage. However, having an ally Vantage is also great as she can use the shields for cover whilst aiming. A win-win really.


Revenant Apex Legends
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Silence is one of the best abilities within Apex Legends. As a counter for anybody, it works nicely against Vantage too.

Vantage's escape makes her a brilliant sniper. Being caught out doesn't mean much with Echo helping her escape. This is why Silence is great against her. Denying her ability to escape means that Vantage is a sure kill.


Ash Apex Legends
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Snare, Phase Breach. Need we say more? This combo is perfect for Vantage and denies her escape once again. The numbers game is perfect for winning against a Vantage.

Of course, despite all of these counters, there is no bigger counter than skill. Being a better opponent than a Vantage player is the best way to counter her. However, we like to think this little guide can help with that.

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