Apex Legends Stickers: New Cosmetic Available in Season 15

Apex Legends Stickers

Apex Legends Stickers

Apex Legends is already packed with cosmetics and ways to express yourself in game. Whether it's with Skins, Gun Charms, Banners, or Holo Sprays there's more ways than ever to flex on your opponents in game or in the loading screen.

Season 15 may be bringing even more content to the Battle Royale Title however. We've seen stickers in Warzone for some time now, but as leaks suggested, they're arriving very soon. here's everything you need to know about how to get your hands on them.

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Apex Legends Stickers

Stickers are now confirmed to be coming to Apex Legends Season 15, but it was HYPERMYST that gave us the best look at them. Stickers will be available to add to your gun, and lots of them at that if leaks are to be believed.

So far we've seen a ton of cool designs, including cartoon Chibi versions of Bloodhound, Wraith, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, and Horizon, among other that will no doubt be coming later on. If you're a fan of the Chibi characters in TFT then these will definitely be for you.

Apex Legends Stickers
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It's likely that we will see new stickers added with each update, as they are a permanent feature in the game. New updates will likely see fresh designs and new Legends portrayed in the same style.

How to Get Stickers In Apex Legends

If leaks are to be believed, Stickers will be available in a brand new kind of pack coming to Apex Legends. The Holospray theme pack is featured in HYPERMYST's video, but we have no confirmed intel on whether this will be the case.

Apex Legends Holosray theme pack
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It's likely that stickers will also be available in Apex Packs, but fans have ben quick to point out an issue. With such a wide variety of cosmetics on offer, stickers could further dilute the loot pool in Apex Legends.

While Respawn Entertainment doesn't allow duplicates to show up in packs, more cosmetics means less chance to pick up particularly rare skins and other high value items.

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